As per the 14th article of Atatürk university postgraduate education regulations, Procedures for the students to be admitted to the Postgraduate programs through undergraduate transfer are going to be carried out according to the scopes and conditions stated on this page.

Undergraduate Transfer Application Dates : August 14, 2018 – September 14, 2018

Undergraduate Transfer Final Enrollment Dates: September 17-18, 2018

Institute of Educational Sciences

Instıtute of Science and Technology

Instıtute of Fine Arts

Instıtute of winter Sports and Sports Sciences

 Institute of Social    Sciences 

Institute of TÜRKİYAD Researches




Student Admission via Undergraduate Transfer

ARTICLE 14 – (1) For undergraduate transfer, the students are supposed to have completed at least one semester in another institute or department of the university or in a postgraduate program of another university, but not the half of the maximum education period to complete the program they are in; they are supposed to be without any disciplinary penalty and to have successfully completed all the courses at the previous postgraduate program within the regular time period, and they are supposed to provide the minimum application conditions of the related institute.

(2) Students with an approved PhD thesis proposal cannot transfer..

(3)Applications for undergraduate transfers are to be made to the related institute directorates up until ten days prior to the course enrollments.

(4) The number of students to be admitted via undergraduate transfer is determined by the related institute board considering the departments’ remarks and is announced before the term begins following the Rectoral approval.

(5) Students wishing to transfer from non-thesis master’s program to masters with thesis program can do so by providing the required conditions for masters with thesis and undergraduate transfer and with the remark of the head of the related department and Institute Board’s decision. In the circumstances, the courses taken during the non-master thesis program can substitute the courses for the masters with thesis program with the remark of the head of the related department and Institute Board’s decision

 (6) Transcripts and course contents of the students applying for undergraduate transfer are evaluated by the related head of department. If the related head of department consider it necessary, it could recommend additional courses for the students to adapt to the program they apply. Undergraduate transfer procedures finalizes with the institute board decision.