Erzurum is an ancient city of Anatolia - cradle of civilisations- nourished with a variety of cultures.

It is named as Anatolian Gate.
Today, it is one of the most developed and modern centres of Turkey with its touristic and social attractions beside its geopolitics importance while it has been economic and political centre of the region throughout its 6000 years of history.

Erzurum holds the mysteries of history and culture with its rooted, dimensional and rich culture treasure.

It has natural richness ranging from winter tourism in the lead to nature, culture and thermal tourism.

In addition to this, Erzurum, one of the popular cities of Turkey with its developing social attractions, is also called as a centre of education with its university students of over 150.000.
Erzurum is an important and qualified city with its mountains covering 64 percent of its geography,  800 to 3000 meter altitude, natural forests and temperature from minus 37. 2 degrees centigrade to 36.5 degrees centigrade,