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Academic and admistrative staff who would like to be assigned in 2017-2018 Spring Term Final Exams which are going to be held on the 11th - 12th of May 2019 by the Faculty of Open Education of Atatürk University are supposed to demand for assignment through the system ( by  the end of Thursday the 17th of April, 2019, which has great importance in the organisation of the exam.

After accepting  the duties assigned to you, by virtue of your demands, in the exams held by our  faculty, returning them except the force majeure is assessed as “a neglect of  duty”.

Important  Notes:

1. The exams are going to be held in three (3) sessions in all the examination centers.

2. The academics who will be assigned as university representative in other cities will not be able to get additional course fee for the courses on 10th - 13th of May 2019 because of their assignment on these days. If the units approve, these courses can be taught later. In addition, it is not possible to change the beginning date of the permission for the assignment. 

3. It is compulsory to attend the university representatives meeting, and the place and date of the meeting will be sent to them as a message through the system.  

4. From this exam on, the cases such as not attending the university representatives meeting, not delivering the exam documents on time the result of which was a point reduction before will be assessed as a neglect of  duty.

These issues should be taken into consideration by those who would like to be assigned, which is important to prevent any possible problems.

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Dean's Office of the Faculty of Open Education