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The fact that the academic and administrative personnel who want to be assigned in 2018-2019 Fall Semester the mid-term exam to be held by Atatürk University Open Education Faculty on the first and the second of December, 2018 will have demanded for the duty by the end of the 31st of October,2018 through Atatürk University System of Duty Holder Operations is very important with regard to the exam organization to be done.  

After you approve your  duty which is imposed in consequence of your demand for the duty in the exams  which are organized by our faculty, the duty remissions except for the compelling  reasons are evaluated as “neglect of duty”. 

Important Notes: 

  • The exam will take place in three (3) sessions in all the exam centers.
  • Course load will  not be written to the academicians to be assigned out of town as a public agent on the dates mentioned above because they are in charge on the dates between October 30 and December 1, 2018. If the faculties accept, make-up courses can be arranged for the courses coinciding with the mentioned dates. Besides, the beginning date of the official permission cannot be changed.
  • It is obligatory to participate in the Institution Representatives Meeting and the date and place of the meeting will be announced to the relevant people over the system via sms.

Those that will demand the duty must pay regard to these matters so that there will not be unjust suffering.  

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Deanship of Open Education Faculty