Information and Document Management

General Information


As in other library science departments in Turkey, name of our department has been changed as Information and Record Management in 2007 as per the concerned decision of the Higher Education Council, and our educational program has been restructured accordingly. Our department aims to enhance the significance of information and bring up manpower qualified to operate, direct and develop information services for the production, access, arrangement, remodeling, interpretation, publishing and transfer of the information for providing information recorded in any type of environment to the requiring parties most easily and in an economic and rapid way in an information age when the information has become an economic power, based on the awareness of information control and communication.
Our department is active in Atatürk University Faculty of Letters. Also, language of education is Turkish and training period is 4 years.
Graduate student from Information and Record Management,
Any type of library located in public and private organizations employs documentation and information centers and archives. In an age when information market varies day by day, librarians and information administrators can participate as information experts and consultants in private sector organizations in various positions such as information administrators, system librarians, network information experts in various stages of internet service units (web page design and arrangement, developing and administering search engines and developing and producing databases) in information production and communication area.