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1 What Are Distance Education Programs?
Distance education programs can be accessed from the link below.
Watch distance education programs at the Institute of Social Sciences

2 When and How to Apply to Distance Education Non-Thesis Master's Programs?
The calendar for information about applications can be accessed from the link below.
Watch applications for distance education programs at the Institute of Social Sciences

How Are Applications Made To Graduate Programs Without Thesis Evaluated?
While evaluating the applications made to the programs, the evaluation is made on the undergraduate graduation average, taking into account the number of quotas. The system places students in preferred departments starting with the student with the highest score.

4 How Long Is The Duration Of The Master's Degree Without Thesis?
Distance Education Non-Thesis Master's education is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 semesters. The student who does not complete his / her education within the time limit is dismissed from the institute.

5What Are The Tuition Fees For Graduate Programs Without Thesis? In Which Semesters Are Fees Paid?
Program fees and payment methods can be accessed from the link below.
Watch the Fees of Distance Education Non-Thesis Master's Education

Is there a tuition fee in the non-thesis master's programs if the courses or the project hang on to the 3rd semester?
No tuition is paid in the 3rd semester

7 Is there a tuition discount for the relatives of disabled students, martyrs and veterans in non-thesis master's programs?
Students with disabilities, relatives of Martyr-Veteran are given a fee reduction.

How Long Does Studying in Graduate Programs Without Thesis Postpone Military Referral?
1.5 years from the date of registration can be postponed military service.

9 What are the Application Criteria for Graduate Programs without Thesis?
Anyone with a bachelor's degree can apply for non-thesis master's programs.

10How many times are applications taken to non-thesis master's programs in one academic year?
Applications can be received at most 2 times (Fall and Spring semesters) in an academic year.

11 How Are Courses And Exams Conducted In Graduate Programs Without Thesis?
Courses are conducted entirely Online (via distance learning). Midterm exams are carried out online, final and make-up exams are held in face-to-face exam centers.

12 In Which Provinces Are Exam Centers Located In Graduate Programs Without Thesis?
Final exams, which are held face to face, are held in 10 different provinces according to the student density. Exams cannot be held in the mentioned provinces (ERZURUM, İSTANBUL, ANKARA, İZMİR, BURSA, ANTALYA, ADANA, KAYSERİ, ORDU, DİYARBAKIR) in each examination period. Depending on the needs, the provinces where the exams are held can change.

13 What is the Credit Burden Required for Graduation in Non-Thesis Master's Programs?
It is graduated with a minimum of 30 credits (10 courses) + term project. The student must be successful in all the courses he / she takes. In addition to the compulsory courses, he / she can take another course within the maximum period of time instead of the course / courses he failed. For course substitution, see General Questions Article 8

14 When Graduated from Non-Thesis Graduate Programs, Is There an Inscription of Non-Thesis Master's Degree or Distance Education on the Diploma?
On the diplomas, there is the knowledge of the department and the phrase "master without thesis".

15 Can Master's Graduates without Thesis get a Doctorate?
Students enrolled or graduated from non-thesis graduate programs before 06/02/2013 can apply to doctorate programs (see YÖK framework regulation, Article 36).

16 What are the Situations that Require Dismissal in the Education Process?
Students who do not complete their courses and term projects within 3 semesters are dismissed from the institute.

17 Can a student with a master without thesis transfer to a master's program with thesis?
Those who continue the non-thesis master's program can transfer to the master's program with thesis, provided that they fulfill the minimum requirements for the master's program with thesis (See. Can be counted instead.
 (See Higher Education Framework Regulation, Article 14/3)

18 Can a student with a thesis graduate transfer to a non-thesis master?
Can do if it meets the conditions given in the link below?
Watch the criteria for transition to master's education with thesis

! The information here has been prepared in order to reach practical information for faculty members and students, taking into account the regulations and application principles, and is not legally binding. Regulations and principles of practice are essential in legal processes and appeals.
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