Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

About Department


Pharmaceutical Sciences Main Department consists of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutic Toxicology, and Pharmaceutic Botany departments in our faculty. There are 1 prof., 2 assoc. profs, 4 asist.profs., and 7 asistants under the roof of Pharmaceutical Sciences. There are about 20 completed  post graduate theses. Of them, 2 are Ph.D. theses. Each department has their own research laboratory and research facilities. In addition, there is a cell culture laboratory. We still have 15 students studying their master or Ph.D. degrees in several departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Pharmaceutical Sciences include courses, which are most related with the pharmacy. The available academicians at our faculty showed dedicated efforts from the beginning till now. I am really thankfull to them for  their extraordinary efforts. I am also thankfull to the professors, who have come from Ankara to support our education from the beginning. Some of them are still supporting us. Thank you!
Since education period extended from 4 years to 5 years and the number of students who were accepted to the faculy increased over our expectations, we strongly need pharmacist academicians especially at the pharmaceutical sciences departments at our faculty of pharmacy in Erzurum to make education more satisfactory. I invite young pharmacists to do academic carrier especially the ones from Erzurum area. Pharmacists should also consider to serve as an academician.