He was born inSalonika.

He attended to Army High School and he was given the name Kemal
He graduated from Army High School of Salonika and attended to Monasrty Army  High School.

13th March,1899
He attended to Infantry class of Istanbul War Academy.

He attended to War Academy and published a newspaper.

11th January,1905
He graduated from War Academy as Captain  and he was assigned to Damascus  to undergo training 30th Cavalry Regiment  of 5th Army.

He established the Constitution of Country and Nation. He  underwent bombardier training and became Master of Remification.

23th July,1908
Constitutional Monarchy was proclaimed.

31st March,1909
He worked as General  Staff Officer of Operation Army in 31 March Movement.

13th September,1911
Mustafa Kemal was assigned to Istanbul Generel Staff by transfer.

27th November,1911
He promoted to Squadron Leader.

9th January,1912
Mustafa Kemal run the Tobruk Attack in Trabkusgarp.

27th October,1913
Mustafa Kemal was assigned to Attache Military of Sophia.

1st March,1914
Mustafa Kemal was promoted to Lieutenant  Colonel.

2nd February 1915
Mustafa Kemal established 19th Division in Tekirdag
25th February,1915
Mustafa Kemal went to Maydos
25th April,1915
Mustafa Kemal withstood against Alliet Powers in Arıburnu.

1th June,1915
Mustafa Kemal  promoted to Colonelcy.

9th August 1915
Mustafa Kemal was assigned to Group Command of Anafartalar.

10th August,1915
Mustafa Kemal liberated Anafartalar from enemies.

1st April,1916
His promotion to Brigadier General.

6th August,1916
Mustafa Kemal liberated Bitlis and Muş from enemies
20th September,1917
Mustafa Kemal wrote down his report expressing the situation of country and army.

Mustafa Kemal came back to İstanbul.

26th October,1918
Mustafa Kemal stopped  the enemy attack at the  present borders in the Northern Aleppo.

30th October,1918
Armistice of Montrose was signed.
31st October,1918
Mustafa Kemal  was assigned to Group Commander of Salvation Army.

13th November,1918
Group Command of Salvation Army was canceled  and Mustafa Kemal turned back to İstanbul.
30th April,1919
Mustafa Kemal was assigned to 9th Army Inspector situated in Erzurum.

15th May,1919
Landing troops of Greeks in İzmir.

16th May,1919
Mustafa Kemal left from İstanbul with Bandırma Ferry.

19th May,1919
Mustafa Kemal  stepped on Samsun.

15th June,1919
Mustafa Kemal assumed the title of 3rd Army Inspector.

21st June,1919
Mustafa Kemal called National Ramifications to Sivas Congress.

8th/9th July,1919
Mustafa Kemal quitted military servise.(at 20.50pm)

23th July,1919
Assemblage of Erzurum Congress under the presidency of Mustafa Kemal ans its ending  by electing a Delegation.(7th August,1919)

4th September,1919
Assemblage of Sivas Congress  under the presidency of Mustafa Kemal  and its ending in 11th September.

11th September,1919
Mustafa Kemal was selected as President Representative Committee of Anatolian and Rumelian Countrywide Resistance Organization.
22nd October,1919
Amasya Protocol was signed.
Mustafa Kemal  was elected as a member of parliement for Erzurum.

27th December,1919
Mustafa Kemal  came to Ankara with Representative Committee
20th March,1920
Occupation of İstanbul by Allied Powers ,protest of Mustafa Kemal and the enterprise to  convene a new  parliament.

18th March,1920
The last meeting of the first Turkish Parliament  in İstanbul.

19th March,1920
Mustafa Kemal’s decleration to the cities about convening Parliement that has superior power in Ankara.

23rd April,1920
Mustafa Kemal set up  Grand National Assembly of  Turkey.

24 th April 1920 
Mustafa Kemal was selected  as President of Grand National Assembly.

5th May 1920 
The meeting of first government under the presidency of Mustafa Kemal.

11th  May 1920
Mustafa Kemal was sentenced  with capital punishment by  İstanbul  Government.

24th  1920 
Mustafa  Kemal ‘s  punishment was approved by  Sultan.

10th August 1920  
Treaty of Sevres  was  signed  between  the delegates of Ottoman Empire and Allied Powers.

9 – 10th  January  1920  
İnönü War  I

20TH January 1921 
The  basic  Constitution  provisions were approved .
30th March  - 1st April  1921 
 İnönü war II
10th May 1921
Anatolian and  Rumelian  Countrywide Resistance Organization  was established in  Grand National  Assembly by Mustafa Kemal  and he was selected  as  president of organization .

5th August 1921 
Mustafa  Kemal   was   given   the  task  of  Supreme Military Command.
22th August 1921  
The break out of the  Sakarya Pitched Battle under the  Mustafa Kemal ‘s leadership.

13th September 1921
The winning of  Sakarya Pitched  Battle.

19th September 1921 
 Mustafa Kemal  was given the degree of Marshall   and  he assumed the title of  Veteran.
26th August 1922 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal’s leading  The Great Offensive from Kocatepe .

30th August  1922 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal’s winning  The Great Offensive Battle.

1st September 1922 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal commande that ‘’ armies your first  goal is the mediterranean ,forward’’.

9th September 1922 
Turkish army seized İzmir.

10th September 1922 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal came to İzmir.

11th October 1922 
Mudania armistice was signed . 

1st November  1922 
With  recommendation of Veteran Mustafa Kemal , Sultanate was abolished. 

17th November 1922 
Vahdettin escaped from İstanbul via  an English battleship.

29th January 1923
Veteran Mustafa Kemal ‘s marriage to  Lady Latife.

24 th June 1923 
Treaty of Lausanne  was signed .

9 th  August  1923 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal  established  People’s Party .
11 th August 1923 
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal was  selected as the President of Grand National ASSEMBLY II.

29th October  1923
Proclamation of the Republic.

 29th October  1923 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal became the President of the Republic.

1 st  March 1924
Veteran Mustafa Kemal  abolished the  Caliphate  in the Grand  National Assembly. And  he  said its opening discourse  about  union of instruction.

20th April 1924
Turkish Republic  of Constitution  Law was enacted .

17th February 1925 
The  Tithe  was taken off.

24th August  1925
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  placed  his hat for the first time in Kastamonu.

25th November 1925 
The  Hat Act  was enacted in  Grand National Assembly.

30th November  1925
The   Law  concerned with the abolition of islamic monastery was enacted.

 26th December 1925 
International   calender   and  time was  enacted.

17th February 1926
Turkish  Civil  Code was enacted.
1st June 1927
Veteran Mustafa Kemal  went to İstanbul as  President of the Republic for the first time.

15 – 20 October 1927 
Veteran Mustafa Kemal  adressed  his   historical  Grand  Discourse   at the  Congress  of the Republician People’s  Party.

1st November  1927
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  was elected  as President of Republic for  the second time.

9th August 1928 
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  ‘s  discourse  of the Turkish letters in Sarayburnu.

3rd November 1928
Turkish Letter Act was enacted in the Grand National Assembly.

15th April  1931
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  established  Turkish Historical Society .

4th May 1931
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  was elected as the President of the Republic for the third time.

12th June  1932
Turkish  Language Society was established by  Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  .

29th October 1933

24th November 1934
The law releted to be given the surname ‘’ATATÜRK’’ to Veteran Mustafa Kemal was enacted  by Grand National Assembly.
1st March 1935
Veteran  Mustafa Kemal  was elected as the President of the Republic for the fourth time.

1st May 1937 
ATATÜRK  donated  his farms  to  Public Treasury and  his immovable property to Ankara Municipality.

31st March 1938
Presidency  Office of secretary general  official announcement  about ATATÜRK’s  illness.

15th September 1938 
Atatürk wrote his will down.

16th October 1938 
Official announcements started  to be printed  about Atatürk’s  daily  situation. 

10 th  November  1938 
THE  BEREAVEMENT  OF ATATÜRK  (On Thursday  9:05 a.m)

11th  November 1938 
 Istanbul City Assembly held  an extraordinary  meeting . Instead of  Flag of the Presidency of the Republic  in Palace , hoisted Turkish Flag  at half – mast  was raised.

12th November 1938
Because of bereavement  of Atatürk the youth of the higher education  met in auditorioum .
13th November 1938
Youth  met in front of the Statue of Republic in Taksim and then  they swore in protecting the Republic that  Atatürk established.

14th November 1938 
Grand National Assembly held a sorrowful meeting. 

15th November 1938 
The  government declared  the day ’’ 21st November1938 ‘’as national mourning day  in which  Atatürk was entombed for his eternal rest.

16th November 1938
Istanbulites  did their last duties in a great respect and sorrow from the small hours to  late night hour  in front of Atatürk’s catafalque in ceremony area of   Dolmabahçe Palace.

19th November 1938
With a great ceremony,Atatürk’s grand  funeral was taken away firstly to Sarayburnu  and   then  to armoured  Yavuz    with the victory torpedo. Coffin taken away to İzmit via armoured Yavuz and the sent off Ankara.

20th November  1938  
Atatürk’s corpse was brought to Ankara and  put into the  catafalque in front of the Grand National Assembly. People in Ankara did their lat duties in a great respect. 

21st November 1938 
Atatürk’s  corpse was entombed to temporary sepulchre in Ethenography Museum.

25th November 1938
Atatürk’s will  was opened. 

26th December 1938 
It  was accepted to call Atatürk’s  as ‘’ Eternal Chief’’.

4th November  1953
Atatürk’s temporary sepulchre was opened.

10th November  1953 
 Atatürk’s corpse was transported  to Anıtkabir.