Atatürk University


All the steps of periods of post-graduate education have been included in Student Information System by digitalizing as a result of heavy studies of ATABAUM and Registrar’s Office. The system,which contains all of the institutions, becomes prominent with its features such as, especially,minimising workforce, connecting the steps in the post-graduate education with the rules and making them explicit, guiding the advisor and the student in the periods and with its interface that is a user-friendly and  which has been throughly systematic.

The first meeting to introduce the system was held under the presidency of Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Medine Güllüce in the education classroom of ATABAUM on the date 09.01.2019. Head of Registrar’s Office Metin Saygılı and Assistant Manager of ATABAUM Asst. Prof. Serdar Aydın informed about the studies with their presentations.

ATABAUM OBS Software Unit Manager Teaching Assistant Metin Mikyas said that they began to carry out the graduation processes of the students who graduated from the post-graduate programs through Student Information System from the date 01.01.2019. He implied that, with the Spring Semester Course Registrations,  the system will be opened to the use so that the students who completed their courses successfully and that have not been in the step of seminar or thesis proposal yet can follow the processes of the activities. He underlined that the feature of the system’s carrying digital archieve should not be ignored.

Manager of ATABAUM Asst. Prof. Bilal Usanmaz implied that the sofware must belong to our university so that new applications such as Student Information System, Course Information System, Personnel Information System, University Information System, E-Mail Management System and Support Tracking System, which involve that systems more than one work together, can be put into practice. He drew attention to the existence of engineers in our university’s personnel cadre who contribute efforts to digitalizing the processes.