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Dear students!

Welcome to the research team of Atatürk University, one of the 20 research universities in our country. In addition to the knowledge and experience you will gain during your graduate education it will contribute to increasing the well-equipped human resources in our country, we expect that your thesis work will make significant contributions to both the research performance of our university and the scientific world.
As the Atatürk University family, we are ready to support you with all our efforts and means so that you can complete this process in the most efficient and effective way. We would like to remind you that the most important step at the beginning of this process is the correct advisor-student match. In this context, it is important for you to attend the introductory meeting to be held on 25.09.2023 in order to make more effective matches in determining your consultants.
You can find information about the meeting place for each department below. After the meeting, you should inform your department head about your advisor preferences. We hope you have a successful graduate education and welcome back to us.

Advisor-Student meetings will be held with our students who have registered in all our departments on Monday, September 25, 2023 at 14:00 and 15:00 (in Multidisciplinary Programs). You can find the meeting place and department head contact information here.

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