Graduate School of Health Sciences


As known, to educate qualified people and to use manpower and sources effectively and fruitfully are the most important factors of the social development. It is among our universities’ duties to determine the ways and methods to put this into practise.Universities are also obligated to prepare people for future, make them productive and to help them have knowledge and skills which will contribute the social development the most. The fact that Institute of Medical Sciences within the body of  Atatürk University, which is one of the biggest universities in our country, contributes to science has been going on with its young, dynamic, contemporary, literate and experienced staff year by year. To provide qualified education by raising the  individuals who are well-informed, have contemporary knowledge and the ability to solve the problems, researchers, assimilate moral values; to educate post-graduate students who have the basic skills for information society, can use information technology, finance and human sources the best; to help post-graduate students synthesize the knowledge which they get; to lead them to adapt their knowledge to the social life and to encourage them so that they can trust their knowledge ; to encourage Foreign LanguageTeaching; to make learning and research charming; to make both Turkish Health System and Institutes of Medical Sciences well-known in the field of post-graduate education by national and international authorities; to develop entrepreneuria lspirit; to increase intercountry mobility and change; to support active citizenship, equal facilities and social harmony; to develop continuously; to be an example unit through educated students and produced service (education and patient service); the fact that all the staff are proud of being a member of the unit; the studies by our institution are aimed at social benefits and development.