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Our dormitories, providing services under the General Directorate of Loans and Dormitories of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, meet the general accommodation needs of our students studying at our university.

The rooms, which are formed as private, semi-private and general, have a bed, wardrobe, study desk, bookcase and shoe rack belonging to each student.

In our dormitories, there are canteens, TV, internet network and free laundry services and also the entrances and exits are carried out with rapid pass system card-fingerprint security scanning systems.

Social, cultural and sports activities are organized, competitions and tournaments in various branches between provinces and dormitories are organized in order to make the best use of the free time of our 26 thousand students staying at our dormitories.

In addition, preventive mental health services are provided by our psychological support services to our newly enrolled students, and some adaptation programs are organized by the dormitory directorates.


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* In  addition to all these, there are many private dormitories and pensions founded  by state institutions / private sector in the city center and all other  districts.

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