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Student Clubs and Communities

The student clubs of our university are sociocultural formations created to improve the individual abilities of our students and to contribute to the various activities that they do throughout their educational life.

Our students can become members of student clubs according to their interests and make attempts to create a club for the new interests as well. Therefore, they gain experience in many areas thanks to the activities they do in their spare time.

Our active student clubs for the 2019-2020 academic  year ;

  • Aşkale Vocational College: Aero Club

  • Faculty of Dentistry: Science Club

  • Faculty of Letters :Philology Club, Turcology Club, German Language and Literature Club, Information Club, History Club, Russian Language Club, Turkish World Club, Art History Club, Sociology Club, Philosophy Club, Geography Club, Kemalist Thought Club, Arabic Language and Literature Club, Young Intellectual Students Club, Archaeology Club

  • Faculty of Pharmacy :ATUPSG, Medicine Art Club , Pharma-Academy Club, Pharma-Active Club, Pharmacy Sports Club

  • Erzurum Vocational College : Occupational Health and Safety Club, Environmental Protection Club

  • Faculty of Science :Maths Club, Astronomy Cub, Chemistry Club

  • Faculty of Fine Arts :Theatre Club, Young Artists Club

  • Faculty of Nursing :Mercy Street Club

  • Hınıs Vocational College :Active Children ,Energy Theatre Club

  • Horasan Vocational College : Civil Defense and Firefighting Club, Silk Road Bookworm Club

  • Faculty of Law :Ata-Youth Law Students ClubErzurum Law Club,  Objective Law ClubYoung Lawyers Club, Young Leader Club, Young Idea Club, Personal Data Protection Club

  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences: Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Club, Management Information Club, Economy Club, Econometrics Club, International Trade and Logistics Club, Confluence Club, Public Administration Club, Young KADEM Club, Economic and Strategic Thinking Club, Information Movement Club, Young Idealists Club, Lösev Volunteers Club, Ombudsman Club

  • Faculty of Theology: Erzurum Young Vision Club, Turkic Council Student Club, Wise Youth, Future of Goodness Club Religion and Environment Club, Interdisciplinary Cooperation Student Club, Young Kindness Club

  • Faculty of Communication: Communication Club, Mind-Idea Club, Sports Aviation Club, Focus Photography Club, University Youth Activities, Shedding Light on Education

  • İspir Hamza Polat Vocational College :Forestry Club

  • Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education: Career Club, ATAUNIX Information and Education Technologies, Young Activists Club, Young Academy Club, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club, Atatürk University Turkish Red Crescent Youth Club, Young Green Crescent Club, Ataturk University Turkish Club

  • Faculty of Architecture and Design: Ataturk University Architecture and Design Club, Architecture Club, Landscape Architecture Club

  • Faculty of Engineering: Environment Club, Science and Engineering Club, Young Travelers Club, Ataturk university Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Club, Construction Club, Computer and Information Club, Young Industrial Engineers Club, IEEE Engineers Institute Club, Atılımcı Technical Productive Club (Atügem) Aviation and Space Technology Club, 3D Brains Club, Integration Club, Management and Development Club,Technical Sports and Culture Club

  • Oltu Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Oltu Theater and Art Club, Photography and Travel Club, Social Service Club, Young Brains Community, Magnificient Pages Club

  • Oltu Vocational College:Oltu Vocational School Social, Cultural and Sports Club

  • Pasinler Vocational College:Ethical Values Club

  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Leaders Health Club, Little Touches Club, Ataturk University Activity Club (ATAK)

  • Faculty of Medicine: Turkish Medical Students Association (TURKMSIC), Bridge Club, Young Earth Doctors, Scientific Research Club ATABAT, European Medical Students Association EMSA, Ibni Sina Art Club, Ataturk University Young Physicians Club, Atasagun Community, Transplantation Club, Persona Theater Club, HEALTH 4.0 Club, VİVE Club, Ankademia Education Club, Academic Thinking Education Civilization (ADEM) Club.

  • Tortum Vocational College:Art and Media Club, Erzurum Nature, Sports and Photography Club, Ata Environment and Design Club, Erzurum Conscious Youth Community, Ataturk University Stop Motion Animation Club, Entrepreneur Youth and Career Club, Recreation and Development Club

  • Faculty of Tourism: Young Tourist Club, Gastronomy Club

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Animal Lovers Club, Art and Extension Club, Ration Planning and Evaluation Club, International Veterinary Medicine Students Club, Scientific Research Club, Horse and Equestrian Club

  • Faculty of Agriculture: ATATURK UNIVERSITY-DEVELOPMENT Club, AGRICULTURE 4.0 Club, Food Engineering Club

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