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Performing Arts - Art Centers / Museums

The Performance and Cultural Centers located on the campus at the university are the centers where cultural-artistic events are organized, and student societies hold their performances and presentations, and symposiums, conferences and panels of national / international academic studies are held.

  • July 15 Democracy and National Unity Culture Center
  • July 15 Democracy and National Unity Culture Center Blue Hall (15 Temmuz Milli İrade ve Kültür Merkezi Mavi  Salon)
  • Nenehatun Culture and Performance Center (Nenehatun Kültür ve Gösteri Merkezi Cep Salonları)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts Performing Arts Center (Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Gösteri Sanatları Merkezi)

Performance  / Exhibition / Foyer and Conference Halls;
  • Monuments Open Air Concert Area (Anıtı Önü Açık Hava Konser Alanı)
  • Nenehatun Cultural Center Exhibition Hall (Nenehatun Kültür Merkezi Sergi Salonu)
  • Research Hospital Conference Hall (Araştırma Hastanesi Konferans Salonu)
  • Faculty of Dentistry Conference Hall (Diş Hekimliği Konferans Salonu)
  • Faculty of Science Orhan Yavuz Amphitheater / Conference Hall (Fen Fakültesi Orhan Yavuz Amfi/ Konferans Salonu)
  • Fine Arts Performance Center Foyer / Exhibition Hall (Güzel Sanatlar Gösteri Merkezi Fuaye/Sergi Salonu)
  • Fine Arts Theater Stage (Güzel Sanatlar Tiyatro Sahnesi)

  • Ata Ice Museum (Ata Buz Müzesi)
  • Fine Arts Museum (Güzel Sanat Müzesi)
  • Hospital Museum (Hastane Müzesi)
  • Faculty of Agriculture Biodiversity Museum (Ziraat Fakültesi Biyoçeşitlilik Müzesi)

Throughout the year, our university which gives importance to education and research as well as culture and art being an educational institution on a global scale hosts a lot of activities to make easier to reach the information in order to improve cultural awareness and move our university to the best position between Turkish and foreign universities in terms of culture and art.

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