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Health services provided by our university are not just clinical treatments, but also they are social and mental services aimed at eliminating all internal and external factors that negatively affect the health of our students.

Our students can easily benefit from these primary health services (examination, investigation, injection, medical dressing, counseling, referrals for further examination and treatment, and other preventive health services).

These services, which our students can reach 24/7, are carried out by Atatürk University Research Hospital, which provides health services to the people of the region with almost 60 years of experience in 165,000 m2 area. In addition, the dental treatments of our students are carried out in the Dental Hospital by its fully equipped building and specialist dentists.

Not only our students, but also cute animals such as cats, dogs, birds, etc. living with us benefit from these health services. The treatment and care of our animal friends, who are indispensable parts of our lives, are carried out both in the service building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / Animal Hospital and in the mobile animal treatment unit.

What you need to  know about Healthcare

  • Those who study at our university, are under the age of 25 and are not married continue to benefit from their parents' health insurance. It is sufficient for these people to take their student documents to the provincial directorate of social security every year.

  • Our students whose parents do not have health insurance and who are under the age of 25 must declare that they are students with a student certificate and then, they can benefit from health insurance without paying premium.

  • Students who are over the age of 25 and have no social security insurance benefit from our hospitals by paying a premium to the Social Security Institution according to their incomes.

  • In accordance with the amendment made in the provisions of the Law No. 6486, the general health insurance registration procedures for foreign students (including the students who get scholarship) studying at our university have been made optional, and upon their request, the registration of general health insurance is carried out by the Provincial Directorate of Social Security.

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