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Intercity Coaches:  There are intercity coaches travelling from almost every city directly to  Erzurum in Turkey. Our students who arrive at the Municipality of Erzurum Intercity  Coach Station can travel to our campus by buses, minibuses and taxis.

Trains: Eastern  Express train departing from Ankara Station follows the direction of Kayseri,  Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and arrives at Erzurum Train Station. Our students can  easily go to every part of the city and to the campus by the buses, minibuses  or taxies from the stops in the station.

Planes: There are direct and indirect flights to Erzurum from many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya and Izmir. Erzurum Airport, located in the north east of Erzurum city center, is 12 km away from our campus. Buses from the Municipality of Erzurum and taxies travel between the campus, the city center and the airport.

City Buses and  Minibuses: Buses of the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, minibuses and taxies provide public transportation between 7/23 hours from the city center to campus.

*Click here  for the departure and return times, codes and price lists of buses of  Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, private buses and minibuses.

*On-campus ring services and stops:

Students who always want to visit the university campus by car must obtain a Rapid Pass System (HGS) card. Click here for the detailed information about the Rapid Pass System (HGS) and application requirements

All drivers must know that pedestrians on Campus always have priority and seat belt has to be fastened by the drivers. You can access the rules related to the use of cars, parking, speed and Traffic violations in detail via the link of  Traffic Directive of Atatürk University Directorate of Security below. Click here for the Traffic Directive of Atatürk University Directorate of Security.

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