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Atatürk University continues to help to heal the wounds caused by the earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş and had a devastating effect in the surrounding provinces.

Having mobilized all its resources from the first moment of the earthquake, Atatürk University not only sends aid materials to the region, but also sends off its experts to work in the field. In this context, the last team that went to Adıyaman returned to the city to be replaced by another team. The team, consisting of 50 people, including psychosocial support and rehabilitation specialists, medicians and dentists, and volunteer students, met with the victims and carried out various activities. While examining the citizens in need, the dentists and medical doctors who performed health screening also carried out detection and treatment for various diseases.

Psychosocial support and rehabilitation specialists, who came together with the children affected by the earthquake, implemented various programs in order to make the events understandable and to minimize their negative effects. Playing games and engaging in educational activities, the team carried out an intensive work program for children so that they can get away from the effects of the earthquake and adapt to the normalization process.

Cooperation Processes with Adıyaman University Evaluated

Continuing its scientific studies in addition to its social contribution activities in the region, the Atatürk University delegation also met with the Adıyaman University administration, which was paired with it as a sister institution by the Higher Education Council, and exchanged ideas about the process. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Atilla Keskin and related unit managers attended the metteing under the chairmanship of Adıyaman University Rector Prof. Dr.  Mehmet Turgut. An evaluation was made about the transfer of the systems for academic studies developed by Atatürk University to Adıyaman University, and the studies for the new academic year were mutually evaluated and the measures to be taken were determined.

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