Atatürk University


A group of the Afghan students who have been getting education at Ataturk University has visited the rector, Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, in his office.

Expressing that Atatürk University brings different cultures together and therefore takes firm steps forward to be a universal university, Rector Çomaklı has stated that Atatürk University is a bridge between Erzurum and the world. Pointing out that, in addition to their being guests, international students are also a kind of ambassadors to introduce the university, the city and the country, Rector Çomaklı has listened to their opinions, suggestions and requests. 

The students who have expressed their requests concerning the Afghan students have added that Rector Çomaklı has always supported them. The students have expressed their happiness for being a student of Atatürk University and thanked Rector Çomaklı and all the personnel of Atatürk University, stating that they are pleased by the close attention given to them.