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The new term preparations at Atatürk University continue. Before the 2023-2024 academic year, an orientation program was arranged for academic staff in this context.

An informational meeting was led by the Research University Monitoring and Evaluation Office and attended by faculty deans, vocational school directors, department program chiefs, and undergraduate and associate degree advisors prior to the start of the new semester. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sözbilir, Director of Corporate Communications Prof. Dr. Besim Yldrm, Dean of Students' Office Associate Dean Prof. Dr. Fuat Karabulut. held speeches during the event. The program was moderated by Research University Monitoring and Evaluation Office Coordinator Dr. Lecturer Member Erol Üzan, during which Fuat Karabulut and Head of Student Affairs Department Metin Saygl delivered presentations.
The program, which provided information about Atatürk University's aims and objectives, research opportunities, administrative and financial processes for academic staff, information systems, the university's social, cultural, sports, and health facilities, and units from which academic staff can receive support, continued with an evaluation of the upcoming studies.

The program is organized to provide newly registered students and academics who will be consulting for the first time with the information they need to work comfortably and effectively. The steps taken towards the university's education, research and development and social contribution missions were mentioned. A question-and-answer session concluded the program, which covered a variety of topics including registration procedures, course content, exam scoring, academic calendar, general class and disciplinary rules, and academician-student relations.

"Before each academic term, we organize orientation programs," according to Rector Çomaklı

Before the start of the new academic term, they organized an orientation program to enlighten the faculty in order to expedite the students' adaptation processes. Rector of Atatürk University, Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı made the following remarks: "When regarded from a broad perspective, orientation training is the healthiest form of orientation process management. Students just beginning their education may find themselves in an unfamiliar environment and undergoing an unfamiliar procedure. This loneliness develops and causes people to withdraw if they are not assisted. They may make a mistake because they fear asking about the issues that concern them. At the beginning of each academic term, we coordinate an orientation program for both our students and academic staff. n this way, our new friends are seamlessly integrated into the system."

Rector Çomaklı noted that communication and sharing of information with students are the foundation of academic success, and he wished that the new term would be beneficial for both academic and administrative personnel as well as students.


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