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The symposium “Relations Between Anatolia And Georgia Throughout History” was arranged with the aim of developing the relations between Turkey and Georgia and strengthening the ties between two countries in Atatürk University.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Metropolitan Mayor of Erzurum Mehmet Sekmen, General Directorate Cultural Heritage and Museums Assistant General Manager and President of Georgia Friendship Foundation Ali Rıza Altunel, Erzurum Consul General of İslamic Republic of İran Sajad Soltanzadeh, Master of Borough Uzundere Hakan Şeker, Mayor of Uzundere Halis Özsoy, Dean of Faculty of Literature Prof. Dr. Veyis Değirmençay, Chair of Archeology Department Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaosmanoğlu, Organizer of the Symposium Prof. Dr. Mehmet Işıklı and a lot of academicians and students from various countries participated in the symposium, which was inaugurated in Cultural Center Blue Hall.

Rector Çomaklı: “Symposium matches up with our strategy the Caucasus World”

Rector Çomaklı who went up to the rostrum uttered that the symposium “Relations Between Anatolia And Georgia Throughout The History” is important because it is an activity which matches up with the evolution strategy oriented the Caucasus World.

Rector Prof.Dr. Çomaklı emphasized that Anatolian lands which have an important location between Asian and Europa have been hosting different societies from the past till today. He said, “ Eastern Anatolia which is an important part of these lands is the door which opens to Caucasus.

Interdisciplinary Studies have been concentrated on. 

Çomaklı said that Atatürk University tries to announce the interactions between Turkey and the neighboring countries’ peoples to the crowds both culturally and scientifically and he supports these kinds of studies to the full extend. He added,”Today foundations and institutions have begun to give importance to cultural and artistic projects as well as infrastructure projects. As part of this point of view, we witness especially cooperation between local government and universities, and interdisciplinary studies. This is a situation which matches up with our university’s vision.”

Rector Çomaklı reminded that one of the last examples about it is “The Project of Uzundere Cultural Inventory”. He said,” Uzundere is one of the districts which have got specific features in our region. We aim to determine and document Uzundere’s cultural values with this project. This project’s protocol was signed between Uzundere Municipality and our university. A team of 25 persons who consist of the academicians, the students, the researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate students from Archaeology, History, Art History, Geography and Faculty of Fine Arts took office in the project.”

 “I believe that the symposium will be fruitful for our country and neighboring countries.”

Çomaklı implied that the project was completed in a shorter than a year. He said,”The Project of Uzundere Cultural Inventory was presented to the scientific world in two ways. One of them is the book “Uzundere Cultural Inventory” and the other one is “The Relations Between Anatolia and Georgia Throughout History”. The starting point of this project is the relationships between Southern Caucasus and Georgia Cultures and our region. Besides, this symposium is important for us because it is an activity which matches up with our university’s evolution strategy orientated the Caucasus World. I believe that the statements which our dear atendees from different countries will present will be useful for our country and the neighboring countries. And I thank those that contributed and attendees.”

 “These kinds of programs contribute the development of the relations.”

The Mayor of Uzundere Municipality Halis Özsoy uttered that this symposium whic was organized in Atatürk University will make a lot of contributions to the cooperations and the shared projects between two countries and healthy relations which have been worked up in the neighboring countries will conduce to Erzurum’s development and progress. He added that this program took on a similar task.

 “Erzurum is a peaceful and safe city.” 

Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen thanked notably Rector of Atatürk University Prof.Dr. Ömer Çomaklı who contributed efforts on organizing the symposium and all the attendees. He implied that they felt absence of such an activity and they were glad because a symposium about this matter was organized though it was late. Sekmen emphasized that determination studies must be done very well. He said that it will be easier to lead those who want to study scientifically, culturally and economically on this wise. He added that Erzurum has got a peaceful and safe city as well as a rich nature, it is in a junction point, it must develop its ties with the neighboring countries and this symposium will be the sign of this.

60 Academicians Presented Papers

At the symposium “Relations Between Anatolia and Georgia Throughout History” which was held between the dates the 27th and 29th of October 2018, 60 academicians from a lot of countries such as notably Georgia, İran, Azarbaijan, France, Italy presented their papers. After the opening, the history of Uzundere and Erzurum, touristic potential, protecting cultural values and projects, communication throughout the history between Anatolia and Georgia and their friendship were presented as general titles and discussed. Besides, groups of folk dancing from Shota Rustaveli Film and Cinema University and Erzurum performed their dances. During the trip which was organized as part of activities, The historical and natural beauties of Uzundere and Erzurum were introduced to the guests and they had an exchange of ideas with the aim of protecting and developing these areas.


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