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Guests continue to be hosted by the Biodiversity Application and Research Center, one of the most important centers of Atatürk University, which prioritizes social contribution in addition to its education, research, and development objectives and places all relevant units at the service of citizens. In this context,  Private Foundation Schools Kindergarden students came together with the rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı on a visit to the Biodiversity Science Museum.

The Biodiversity Application and Research Center, which has become one of the preeminent biodiversity centers globally due to its scientific achievements, showcases its rare works to local and international guests on an annual basis. In addition to its academic endeavors, the center has produced significant scientific progress. The center's director, Professor Dr. Levent Gültekin provided details regarding the Biodiversity Science Museum, an attraction that particularly captivates kindergarten and primary school students on an annual basis. In addition to the replicas of dinosaurs, whales, and enormous mammals, the children had the opportunity to see a vast array of plant, insect, reptilian, and fish species, as well as fossils that have existed for millions of years.

"In order to serve our citizens, we opened the doors of our institutions."

As stated by Rector Çomaklı, the institution maintains a management approach that involves engaging with the public, converting information into valuable resources for societal benefit, and maintaining a connection with the community. Prof. Dr. Çomaklı identified the Biodiversity Application and Research Center as one of these establishments. Noting that it fostered numerous national and international academic collaborations, the center also garnered the interest of tourists and served as a crucial destination, particularly for young visitors, to familiarize themselves with the field of science.

"We are concerned with the early introduction of science to our children."

According to Çomaklı, museum visits offer significant benefits, particularly for children: "Museums arouse the curiosity of children and demonstrate that the world is replete with fascinating subjects to discover." By witnessing credible sources of information at first hand, they not only improve their general knowledge, curiosity, and capacity to comprehend the world, but also learn that not all information should be obtained from the internet. With this in mind, we accompanied our small canines to the museum, where we obtained knowledge regarding the species housed within our collection. Early science exposure for children is something that we highly value. As a consequence, we acquaint our young visitors with occurrences that will sustain their interest over the course of the year.

In the presence of the Atatürk University Development Foundation General Manager Erdal Karagülle, members of the Biodiversity Application and Research Center, and kindergarten instructors from Private Foundation Schools, the visit concluded with Rector Çomaklı bestowing gifts upon the young enthusiasts of science.

Directorate of Corporate Communications – February 8, 2024
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