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Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı has released a message on the occasion of Mother's Day. Rector Çomaklı stated the following in his message:

“Motherhood is an endless labor since the world was established. Motherhood is to love more than yourself, to embrace unconditionally, to protect and to protect, to raise a work for the future. Motherhood; It is the job of lovingly bleeding wounds, taking care of all children. It is to lift from where you fell. Motherhood is the heart of the heart, to get the share of God's mercy.

In our religion, motherhood was praised, and it was emphasized that the way to earn paradise was through respect for mothers. Many of us have to be away from their mother during this period we live. Many mothers are far from their children due to their duties. However, these distances become insignificant in addition to the love felt in the heart and become only a detail.

I congratulate the mothers day of all mothers with all these emotions and by conducting today. ”

Professor Dr. Ömer ÇOMAKLI
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