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Atatürk University Open and Distance Education Faculty (ATA AÖF) successfully held the 2022-2023 Academic Year Final Exam in 95 exam centers located in 81 provinces in Turkey.

275, 061 students who received education services within the framework of 13 Undergraduate, 4 Undergraduate Completion and 30 Associate Degree Programs participated in the Final Exam, held in three sessions on 7-8 January 2023. Within the scope of the exam, 1,093 out of 2,383 disabled students were allocated special halls in different sessions and 5,600 assistant readers-markers.

In the exam centers organized according to the regions determined in the context of the students' preferences, in 1,375 buildings, 95 Exam Center Managers, 1,375 Building Exam Supervisors, 1,210 Building Exam Supervisor Assistants, 2,95 Building Managers, 28,54 Hall Chairs, 29,320 Inspectors and 5 1,937 Reserve Supervisors were assigned in exam centers. When the people involved in the exam paperwork and security guards are included in these numbers, approximately 150 thousand people were available for the smooth implementation of the exam.

Visit from Rector Çomaklı to ATA AÖF

Visiting the Open and Distance Education Faculty before the final exams, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı received information from the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Erdem Kocadağıstan.

Rector Çomaklı, who controls the feverish work of ATA AÖF, which carries out all operations from a single center, from the preparation of the questions to the printing, distribution and reading of the optics, said that the Open and Distance Education Faculty, which is a large unit with nearly 500 thousand students, serves all of Turkey.

Stating that ATA AÖF makes a significant contribution to the country's higher education by graduating thousands of studnets every year, Prof. Dr. Çomaklı emphasized that this success of ATA AÖF, which runs 47 programs and has reached half a million students in a short period of 12 years, will continue in the coming years.

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