Atatürk University


Atatürk University Open Education Faculty is continuing its efforts to create an effective teaching model. In this context, ATA-AÖF has renewed its studio with the latest technology, and it offers the students video lessons prepared in its new studio.

A new virtual studio was established at ATA-AÖF, where the course videos were shot with Green Box technology to make the lesson videos more understandable, interesting and instructive. The virtual studio is shot in front of a green screen. This green background, which is used for filming, is eliminated with the help of the computer in the studio regime and backgrounds of animation or videos are added instead. Thus, a three-dimensional environment is created. At the same time, graphics and animations belonging to the class materials can be also projected onto the image in real time.

‘‘We prioritize the understanding of quality in  education”

Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Ataturk University Rector stated that they educate approximately 460 thousand students from formal and open education and they closely follow the developments not to compromise on quality while serving. He also said: “Developing technology also necessitates some changes in broadcasting systems. The preference of new media environments, especially mobile technologies, by the students requires that the content produced for video courses to be suitable for these new platforms. I think that the new studios created with the consideration of new broadcast technologies are very important in meeting this need.”


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