Atatürk University


The talk programs organized by Atatürk University Career Planning Alumni Monitoring Research and Application Center (ATA KARMER) within the scope of introducing the university units to the students continue without slowing down. In the online conversation program organized in this context, the Human Values Education Application and Research Center was explained to the students.

In the program moderated by, ATA KARMER Director Assoc. Dr. Neslihan Kulözü Uzunboy , Participating as a speaker  Director of Human Values Education Application and Research Center Dr. Lecturer Fikrullah Çakmak stated that values education provides important gains to society and humanity, and said that they are one of the first centers to work on this issue.

Çakmak noted that the first of the two main purposes of the center is to conduct scientific research and studies on human values, and the second is to reveal new methods in order to transfer values to the society after determining the theoretical foundations.

Stating that Atatürk University provides important services to the society in terms of values education, Çakmak stated that many projects have been implemented in this context and gave examples from the projects.

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