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Atatürk University was among the universities that applied the most to Teknofest 2020 which will be held by Turkey Technology Team Foundation in Gaziantep this year.

According to data of T3 Foundation throughout Turkey, a total of 11 thousand 898 students from 175 universities have registered for Teknofest 2020, and Atatürk University has become one of the most applicant universities with 289 students.

Teknofest 2020, Turkey’s first and only aviation, space and technology festival, continues with 19 teams in 11 categories announced according to the preliminary evaluation results this year as well. Having put its signature under important success in Teknofest 18 and 19, Atatürk University student teams aim to increase their success in 2020. Ataturk University student teams, which are highly competitive and collate the theoretical education with practice and put it into practice, aim to achieve significant degrees in the competitions to be held this year.

 “Atatürk University is an Education  Institution Acting with Success-oriented’’

Stating that it has made him happy a lot to see that the activities carried out in accordance with the vision of "Domestic and National Technology Movement" of our country spread through the entire country, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said that Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (Teknofest) is an important competition at an international level.

Stating that he believes that new ones will be added to the successes of the previous years as a university this year, Prof. Dr. Çomaklı said: “As Atatürk University, we have registered for Teknofest 2020 with 289 students. Ataturk University is an education institution that acts with success-oriented in every field. It does its best to do the best in every field it appears. As a result of this sense of belonging and success-oriented work, it has always been an education institution ranking at the summit. From this point, these successes gained are an indication of the quality of the education provided by Atatürk University, that we are training researchers and that we are able to do projects in many areas that our country needs. I believe that both our academic staff and students will make a name for Atatürk University with the success it has achieved in many different fields in the next period.”

In Which Categories Will  Teams Compete?

Taking an important step towards joining the Teknofest 2020, which will be held in Gaziantep,  and passing the first stage reports with the participation of students from many faculties, especially from Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine, School of Foreign Languages and Erzurum Vocational College, student teams compete in Medium and High Altitude Rocket Competition with 4 teams, UAV-UCAV Competition in Rotary and Fixed Wing categories with 6 teams, Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition with 1 team, Technology Competition for the Benefit of Humanity with 1 team, Smart Transportation Competition with 2 teams, Helicopter Design Competition with 1 team, Model Satellite Competition with 2 teams and Educational Technologies Competition with 1 team.

Atatürk University Student Teams Gained Important  Accomplishments

Participating in the Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the first of which was held in Istanbul New Airport in 2018, TTurks Team achieved a significant success in the High Altitude category of the Rocket Competition ranking 3rd.

 Atatürk University TTurks team, which participated in Teknofest 2019 with bigger targets in the following year, achieved a significant success by performing rocket firings at both low and high altitudes.

The FRİTİM Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team, which participated in the "Fighting UAV" and "TÜBİTAK UAV" competitions, held within the same Festival, was among the top 10 teams.


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