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Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital, which started its activities simultaneously with the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project of Atatürk University, continues to serve the region animal husbandry.

The animal hospital, whose physical and technical infrastructure has been strengthened to meet the increasing demand since the day it was opened, Atatürk University Rector. Dr. With the projects and investments led by Ömer Çomaklı, it has become one of the leading university animal hospitals of our country in a short time. In addition to providing healthcare services to the region's livestock, the hospital also serves as a laboratory for the applied studies of the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who study at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Rector Çomaklı: "Our Goal is to Contribute to the Society"

Rector Çomaklı stated that they achieved successful results in many of the projects they started for the agriculture and animal husbandry sector: “Our Mobile Animal Hospital, which serves especially within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, has become the lifeline of our region. Atatürk University, which also has the largest Animal Hospital in the region, also serves the surrounding provinces. Our aim is to contribute to the society and the soil in addition to scientific and academic studies. ”

Emphasizing that the mission to contribute to the society, which is among the scope of the universities, was successfully implemented within Atatürk University. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı stated that Atatürk University knows the local farmer closely and works by mobilizing all the opportunities to solve their problems and troubles, “We aim to touch the people and the producers and to benefit the society, as well as to raise useful students for their country. We continue our work within the framework of the vision put forward by our country in this regard ”.

Rector Çomaklı, who made an evaluation regarding the studies of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, shared the following information:

Screening and Training Activities were Held in Mobiles in 59 Towns and 12 Villages

Various protocols have been signed in order to continue the activities of the Animal Hospital in the hospital, as well as to continue its activities in the rural areas, and to enable farmers, who provide their livelihood with livestock, to access health services more easily and quickly. In this direction; Mobil Animal Hospital, which was established within the scope of the "Rural Animal Health, Polyclinic and Training Services Project" financed by TANAP-SEİP, started to provide service last year. With the project, animal health screening activities were carried out in 59 villages and 803 enterprises in a short period of one year, while 1825 farm animals were screened for health. Within the scope of the project, 11 training meetings were organized for the farmers in the region on animal health, calf breeding and programmed vaccine applications.

Within the scope of mobile clinical services carried out in cooperation with the Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, animal health screening activities were carried out in 12 districts in 2019, and these services, which were offered free of charge, were appreciated by farmers.

Veterinary Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratories Established

In order to carry out studies for the diagnosis of animal diseases frequently seen in the Eastern Anatolia Region, the physical and device infrastructure of the laboratories serving within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have been made in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. After this structural arrangement, these laboratories, which are responsible for giving results, were combined under the name of Veterinary Faculty Diagnostic and Analysis Laboratories Coordinator. With the laboratories that obtained work permits from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Erzurum gained a new structure that can be monitored and monitored in the diagnosis and analysis of animal diseases.

Calf Deaths Blocked By 90 Percent

With the aim of preventing calf deaths, which is one of the main problems in livestock breeding, which is the main source of livelihood in the region, 920 in 2019 and 180 calves in 2020 were treated by means of the "Prevention of Calf Deaths" project signed between the Ministry of Industry and Technology, DAP Regional Development Administration and Atatürk University. It was resolved. With the project realized with the facilities of Atatürk University Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital, calf deaths were prevented by 90 percent.

Vaccine and Biological Product Development Center Started to Work

In order to establish a center where business-specific vaccines can be prepared against diseases that are common and cause economic losses in the region, “Otovaks Vaccine Development Project” was initiated with the support of the DAP Regional Development Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Within the scope of the project, the machine and device infrastructural needs of the laboratories, which have been turned into a center, have been met, and the work of autovaxin has started. Established in recent years, when vaccination research has gained strategic importance, the center was established with the support provided to vaccine development efforts in the field of animal health.
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