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In the meeting held by the Atatürk University Senate to discuss the education model to be applied in the fall semester, It was decided that the education in the 2020-2021 Fall Semester should be delivered mainly through distance education in line with the interviews with the units, the "New Normalization Process in the Global Epidemic" guide published by the  Council of Higher Education (CHE) and the opinions of the Ministry of Health.

At the senate meeting, where the view that face-to-face education will create serious health risks by increasing contact with both students, academic and administrative staff, and the city in the face of the threat posed by the spread course and human health of the Covid-19 global epidemic that affects the whole world; It was decided to plan for associate degree, undergraduate and graduate education, provided that re-evaluation can be made according to the course of the pandemic.

In this context, taking into account a unit/program-based flexible education planning model during the pandemic, the following decisions were taken for the Atatürk University Senate to plan the 2020-2021 Fall Semester associate, undergraduate and graduate education processes:

All theoretical, theoretical and some applied courses will be delivered online using distance learning opportunities.
Simultaneous (live class) and asynchronous content and activity support will be provided in all courses to be delivered online.
The courses that require application for the newly enrolled students will be taught online using distance learning facilities, and the applied courses that cannot be delivered online will be postponed to the summer school and/or next year.
Courses requiring practice that cannot be delivered online for intermediate students will be postponed to summer school and/or next year. Instead of applied courses that cannot be delivered online, necessary legislative arrangements will be made to enable them to choose from the theoretical courses from the upper class if their programs are suitable.

The applied courses of the senior students will be delivered online, the courses that require application that cannot be taught online will be held face-to-face by creating safe environments in flexible time and diluted classroom environments and/or will be postponed to be held face to face in the summer school.
The online support system will be provided for all lessons to be held face-to-face in diluted classroom environments, and remote participation of students who cannot attend the class will be provided.
Clinical applications of 4th, 5th and 6th grade of Faculty of Medicine, clinical practices of 4th and 5th grade of Faculty of Dentistry, clinical practices of 4th grade interns of Nursing Faculty, 4th grade students of Health Sciences Faculty 'Midwifery' program, Atatürk University and in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health, within the framework of flexible time planning, in accordance with infection control and prevention measures.
In the Faculties of Education, Theology and Sport Sciences, the social service practices, school experience and teaching practice courses will be decided by the relevant faculty boards, taking into account the statements made by the Ministry of Education and CHE.
The laboratory, workshop and clinical studies of graduate students will be carried out face to face by taking the necessary measures in accordance with the necessary hygiene and infection control and prevention rules.
Detailed information about the implementation processes will be announced on the official web pages of Atatürk University and its units and their official social media accounts.

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