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Rectorate Senior Management Focused on Transformation Goals with Month-long Monitoring and Evaluation Meetings

As part of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, which was executed to ascertain the future trajectory of Atatürk University, the 2023 Academic Monitoring and Evaluation Meetings commenced with academics and unit managers in attendance.

During the Monitoring and Evaluation Meetings, which have been conducted annually since November under the leadership of the Rector of Atatürk University, Professor Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, college principals and faculty deans commenced presenting the reports that they had compiled regarding the activities conducted within their respective divisions.

The program commenced in the Blue Hall of the Cultural Center, which will continue for a month and features vice rectors, faculty, and vocational school administrations and faculty members. The Faculty of Agriculture subsequently participated in the afternoon session of the meetings, which commenced with the Faculty of Engineering.

The unit administrators and their aides delivered presentations, monitoring the developments and roadblocks. The presentations were conducted under the following four headings: cultural transformation studies, evaluation of academic performance results, research university performance indicators, and TÜBİTAK competency analysis.

"The University's Extraordinary Success Made Us Proud."

During the introductory remarks of the assembly, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı emphasized that the Academic Monitoring and Evaluation Meetings are significant to the administration. He further stated that the outcomes generated at the conclusion of these meetings make a positive contribution to the advancement and prosperity of the university.

"We witnessed the value of these contributions at the Research Universities Meeting, where the academic performance of institutions was assessed using thirty indicators.  As a consequence of indicator and performance evaluations, Atatürk University advanced from the A3 category in the research universities performance ranking to the A2 category at the Research Universities Meeting, which was presided over by the President of YÖK, Professor Dr. Erol Özvar. This was a significant accomplishment. This remarkable success of our university makes us proud and brings us one step closer to our main goal, the A1 category," said the president." said Çomaklı.

"This University is the University of All of Us, Whose Reputation We Strive to Enhance"

Declaring that meetings shall be convened to assess the advancement of the tasks at hand and the objectives to be accomplished, with reference to the metrics ascertained by YÖK, Çomalı said:  "We will meet with our deans and directors for a month to receive feedback on the work completed in faculties and vocational schools and to assess our progress toward our road map. We shall assess the current state of affairs. Through using the collected data,  we will discern the regions that are exhibiting achievement as well as the areas that require enhancement. We will exert every effort possible to maintain our success and accomplish our objectives. We all attend this institution, the reputation of which we endeavor to elevate. Therefore, we shall strive diligently to comply with our obligations."

Directorate of Corporate Communications – November 23, 2023

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