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After a renovation period of five months, the Lojmanlar Mosque, situated in the Lojmanlar area of the university campus, reconvened with its local community.

Nurettin Hınıslıoğlu, the Imam Hatib of the Lojmanlar Mosque, asserted that for many years, the lodgings' occupants have been granted access to the mosque for prayer services and Quran courses. However, during a five-month restoration effort, numerous deteriorated elements were given a fresh appearance. The imam further affirmed that the residents of the lodgings were fortunate to have undergone such a rigorous renovation process. He stated that the necessary repairs were completed prior to Ramadan and that this magnificent temple was reopened for use. Hınıslıoğlu extended his appreciation to the philanthropists who made contributions and to the mayor of Yakutiye, Mahmut Uçar. Additionally, he conveyed gratitude to Rector Çomaklı, who was consistently present to provide support and exerted significant effort in the renovation of the mosque.

"We Care Thoroughly About the Needs of All Our Mosques," said Mayor Uçar.

Mayor Mahmut Uçar of Yakutiye stated that they are keenly aware of the requirements of the roughly 180 mosques situated within the province's boundaries and that, recognizing the Lojmanlar Mosque's significance to the university, they lent their full support to its renovation. He stated that the verse "The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah , for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided." serves as a guide for them and that they have acted in accordance with this understanding. He further claimed that the Lojmanlar Mosque, where they gathered with their community once more after the essential tasks were completed today, had received all the prayers that were offered. He concluded his remarks with the expectation that the petition would be granted.  

"Our Mosques Are Spiritual Guards Erected on the Lands of the Homeland," said Rector Çomaklı.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı expressed great delight at the restoration and repair of the Lojmanlar Mosque, which serves as a magnificent backdrop for Atatürk University, has reopened for worship, reverberates numerous prayers, and contributes to the university's stature in numerous other ways. Every individual is acknowledged with my sincere appreciation. Those who made contributions toward the restoration of our mosque are thanked. As they have been up until this point, I pray that God will approve the adhans to be recited five times daily, the prayers to be performed, and the prayers to be recited in our Lojmanlar Mosque. "We see each of our mosques, echoing the skies of our cities with their call to prayer, as spiritual guards erected on the lands of our homeland for the future of our country and nation."

Rice and chickpeas were distributed at the Social Facilities in front of the Lojmanlar Mosque, which recommenced worship after the Friday prayer, in the company of the liturgies of Erzurum Provincial Deputy Mufti İsmail Yılmaz.

Directorate of Corporate Communications – February 23, 2024
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