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Iranian Urmia University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmad Alijanpour and his delegation visited Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı.

Rector Alijanpour and Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Abbas Banjshafiei, Prof. Dr. Sajjad Chehrehghani, Prof. Dr. Majit Abbas Alizadeh and Prof. Dr. Ramin Nikrouz and Türkiye Relations Officer Dr. Amir Rahimi took part in the visit.

After the visit, a cooperation protocol was signed between Atatürk University and Iranian Urmia University in the fields of faculty and student exchange and joint scientific projects. At the signing ceremony held at the rectorate office, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı and Urmia University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmad Alijanpour signed the inter-university cooperation protocol.

Rector Çomaklı stated that universities have a great impact on the relations between Türkiye and Iran, noting that they are pleased to sign a mutual cooperation agreement with Urmia University.

“We are Expanding the Area of Influence of Our Universities with the Agreements We have Made”

 "As Atatürk University, we have made academic visits to Iran many times. Our neighboring country Iran is an important stakeholder in education, culture, economy and economics, etc. The universities that provide education are also our sister universities. With the agreements we have made, we are expanding the sphere of influence of our university. Cooperation protocols will give way to healthier relations between the two countries. We have a large number of Iranian students studying at our university. We do our best to provide these students with the highest quality education and to leave our country satisfied. We will create a cultural unity between the two countries through the exchange of faculty members and students."Çomaklı added.

Urmia University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmad Alijanpour, on the other hand, thanked Rector Çomaklı for his hospitality and said that he was happy to be at Atatürk University. Rector Alijanpour stated that with the protocol signed, relations in the scientific field will gradually increase, and that they will visit several units in the university and conduct investigations.

After the visit, Rector Alijanpour and his delegation visited the Eastern Anatolia High Technology Application and Research Center (DAYTAM), Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, TEKNOKENT and Foreign Relations Office, receiving information from the authorities.

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