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An incentive ceremony was held for faculty members who applied for intellectual property. At the 2022 Intellectual Property Application Incentive Award Ceremony held at the Cultural Center July 15 National Will Hall, the documents were presented to the academicians by Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı.

Rector Çomaklı thanked the members of Atatürk University, which stands out with their devoted work and valuable scientific research, for their success, emphasizing that there was a significant increase in the number of patents obtained by the university compared to previous years.

“We Reached the Target of 100 Patents Set for 2022”

Starting his speech with the hope that the spiritual climate of Ramadan will bring peace to the whole world, especially our country, Çomaklı stated that the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project has given Atatürk University a significant impetus, and the most obvious reflections of this are seen in patents and projects.

Rector Çomaklı stated that the new models and systems developed and implemented in a short time by the Intellectual and Property Rights Coordinatorship, which was established in 2022 within the scope of the New Generation University vision, pioneered these achievements, adding that they reached the target of 100 patents set for 2022 in this direction.

Noting that this figure is a record for Atatürk University,  Çomaklı said: “Patents act as a bridge for science to turn into added value and contribute to the economy. It is not possible to turn an idea into a product without a patent registration. Our scientists need to transform the knowledge they have developed into products. Of course, this is a process. An application must be made for a patent. With this new model that we put into practice, we set a target of 120 patent applications by 2023.”

“We Need Each of Your Academics' Effort and Determination to Work in the Research University League”

Rector Çomaklı stated that patents and projects have turned into a culture at the university, adding: “If it continues like this, it means that we will have more than 100 patent registrations every year. In the patent registration process, the motivating factor for us is undoubtedly the motivation to represent our country in the international scientific world in the best way by fulfilling the criteria set in front of us since 2021, when we were selected as a Research University. Today, we organized a ceremony to thank our valuable academicians who add value to our university with their works. We need the effort and determination of each of our academics in the Research University league. Only in this way can we compete with world universities. With these thoughts, I congratulate all our scientists who are entitled to receive awards today and wish them success in their studies.”

The 2022 Intellectual Property Application Incentive Award Ceremony ended with the presentation of documents and taking a souvenir photo.

Intellectual and Property Rights Coordinator

The Intellectual and Property Rights Coordinatorship, which was established in 2022, started its activities in November 2022. The coordinatorship established to contribute to the increase of the intellectual and innovation capacity of Atatürk University continues its efforts to be a coordinator in the service of life in the field of property, to contribute to the effective protection and commercialization of property rights by increasing the awareness of property, and to implement works that will serve the economic and technological development of our country in line with the National Technology Move.

Atatürk University Intellectual and Property Rights Coordinatorship provides services in very important areas such as introducing the products that come out as a result of scientific studies and/or researches by the staff and students involved in all kinds of projects within and outside of Atatürk University, ensuring its transformation into an intellectual property project by making preliminary research, making the necessary registrations with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and guiding in the licensing and commercialization issues.

As a business and working approach, this coordinatorship, which exists only within Atatürk University in Turkey, continues to provide patent services to all kinds of private and legal entities, especially official institutions and organizations.

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