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The proposed regulation was unanimously approved by the University Senate with the intention of streamlining the addressing process and preventing conceptual confusion in the designation of certain areas on the Atatürk University campus.

As a result of the decisions made, the Rectorate Cultural Center Blue Hall was renamed, and several entrances and locations on the university campus were given new designations.

As a result, the Cultural Center Blue Hall was renamed Kemal Bıyıkoğlu. During his tenure as the eleventh Rector of Atatürk University from 1969 to 1976, he was lauded for his exemplary leadership, which included the establishment of educational practices that ensured equal opportunities.

Conversely, in order to streamline entrance and address procedures, the main entrance gate of the university, which has one of the most expansive campuses in our country in terms of usage area, is designated "Eagle Gate." The entrance from the Stadium side is designated "Stadium Gate," while the entrance from the Teknokent side is called "Tile Bastion." The designation "West Campus Entrance" was bestowed upon the campus entrance by the Sheep Husbandry Unit along the Erzurum-Erzincan highway.

A decision was made to designate the region encompassing the lecture halls of the Faculty of Medicine from the main entrance of the university campus as "East Campus." The area containing the lecture halls of the Faculties of Literature, Architecture, Fine Arts, Communication, Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law shall be referred to as "West Campus," which shall also encompass the Rectorate building. The monument situated behind it was officially designated as the Atatürk and Youth Monument.

As per the Senate's decision, specific entrances at Atatürk University, one of the largest campuses in Turkey, were designated with names to facilitate access and addressing procedures. Additionally, the names of the regions referred to as the east and west campuses of the university were officially adopted, according to Rector Çomaklı.

 Rector Çomaklı expressed his utmost satisfaction with the decision to rename the Cultural Center Blue Hall  as "Professor. Dr. Kemal Bıyıkoğlu"  the eleventh Rector,  who significantly advanced Atatürk University. He further emphasized that this name alteration exemplifies unwavering loyalty and that Atatürk University is an establishment that consistently honors memories and values.

Directorate of Corporate Communications – February 24, 2024 
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