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Ataturk University, which has gathered the outputs of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project initiated by Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı from the day he took office in order to carry the existing capacity of the university further, to transform the information into high value added outputs and to increase the research performance, continues to share the work done with the public.

Celebrating the 63rd anniversary of its founding, Atatürk University; within the framework of transparency, accountability and participation principles, it recently published its New Generation University Structural Transformation Applications (2016-2020) Report.

77 Senate 143 Board Meetings were held in 4 years

The title of “Discipline of the Existing System and Structural Arrangements”, which constitutes the first article of the report, which covers the activities carried out after the regulation of the university management and administration system, and which is published in 5 titles, includes the board and meetings organized under the management of the Rector Çomaklı with the participation of university administrators. Accordingly, in the University of Atatürk, where 554 senate decisions were taken in 77 senate meetings in the last four years in the efforts to discipline the existing system, and in the same period, 1946 board decisions were taken at 143 Board meetings. A significant part of these decisions, which include efforts to adapt to the new HEC system, were gathered under the headings of “Institutional Structure Strengthening Studies, Planning and Activities”.

Important Steps Have Been Taken to Become a World University

the institutionalization in a process spanning over 60 years have moved a significant level, the region's largest and Turkey as the leading universities of someone being able to Ataturk University, "in the life of the service, always forward ..." slogan with strategic priorities, governance, the process of digitization, corporate communications and human It is taking firm steps towards becoming a world university by significantly completing its source quality, quality assurance, university identity, internationalization and managerial effectiveness.

Ataturk University, which has implemented the 2019-2023 Strategy Plan, on the other hand, conducts efforts to adapt to global goals for sustainable development, as well as being an example to the regional universities with its activities in the fields of institutionalization, education, research and social contribution.

Corporate Communication Directorate, Crisis Management Center, Digital Transformation and Software Office, Data Management Office, Career Planning and Alumni Monitoring Application and Research Center, Human Resources Office, International Language Exams Coordinator, Campus Support Services Coordinator for the institutionalization activities.
Thanks to the Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Coordinatorship and Cyprus Campus Coordinatorship, Atatürk University did not have difficulty in keeping up with the modern world and went to professionally manage all the services it provides.Became a Brand in Education with Newly Established UnitsThe Education Management System was restructured at Atatürk University, where comprehensive system designs were made for the field of education mission. During this period, the university, which has undergone the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) external evaluation process, has also organized orientation programs for students, allowing faculty members to study foreign languages abroad.Atatürk University, which is one of the most preferred universities in the 2019-2020 academic year, has reached 96% occupancy rate with the choice of 11,343 of 11,843 quotas determined in the fields of associate and undergraduate degree in formal education. In this context, Atatürk University was among the top three universities with the highest number of students.Atatürk University, which does not neglect to update its graduate education policy, aims to strengthen the quality of education; It has taken the necessary steps to reinforce its mission to become a brand in education with newly established units such as Quality Coordinator, Associate / Undergraduate Education Coordinator, Postgraduate Education Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Development Application and Research Center.On the other hand, in accordance with the Production Reform Package of the New HEC, Atatürk University has redesigned its Research Management System, contributing to Open Access and Open Science by carrying out studies to increase the research infrastructure competence.

Integrated Research Model Developed

Redesigning the Research Management System with the methods it has put into practice, Atatürk University has designed an Integrated Research Model system within the scope of the "New Generation University Design and Transformation Project".

Integrated Research Model; Atatürk University, which consists of eight components defined as Integrated Research Management, Integration with Real Life, Interdisciplinary Integration, Integration with Education, Integration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Integration of Resources, Integration of National and International Integration and Scientific Publication, has made the strategy plan traceable by updating many research model policies.

Contributes to Employment

Revising the policies defined for the effective use of research infrastructure, research infrastructure development and improvement policies, and the policies for effective use and increase of the research budget of the university within the scope of efforts to increase research infrastructure adequacy, Atatürk University has established 18 new Application and Research (UYGAR) Centers in the last two years. increased the number of centers within this scope to 40.

The University that restructured the Food and Livestock UYGAR Center and the Crop Production IZAR Center with an investment of 14 million TL in 2017, and modernized the milk processing facility and pilot bread factory and contributed to employment.Ataturk University, which carried out the "Eastern Anatolian Observatory" (DAG) project with an investment of 200 million TL within the Astrophysics Research and Application Center (ATASAM), which is an important research center, became the science center of national and international researchers working in these fields when the project was completed in 2021.

Ranked 26th in Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index

Atatürk University, which was ranked by TÜBİTAK according to the entrepreneurship and innovation performances of the universities, was ranked 48th in 2016, and ranked 34th in the ranking of public universities according to 2018 results.

Great Success in Patent Application

At the Atatürk University, where 17 patent applications were made from its establishment until 2017, a total of 92 intellectual property rights applications were made to the relevant organizations, 25 of which were in 2018, 41 in 2019, and 2020 until 2020. Currently, 60 national and 25 international skate applications are targeted in 2020.The university, which has created 18 new units to support research activities, has restructured its existing 24 units and provided significant support to R&D and social contribution. Realizing comprehensive system designs for the social impact mission area, Atatürk University has also accelerated university-community cooperation activities thanks to the Advisory Board established to provide sustainable cooperation and consultations with public and private sector institutions and organizations.


To reach the New Generation University Structural Transformation Applications

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