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Times Higher Education (THE) 2021 World University Rankings, one of the world's most prestigious ranking organizations, has been announced. Atatürk University entered the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for the first time this year, thanks to the “New Generation University Design and Transformation Project” works carried out within the framework of the New CHE (Council of Higher Education) Vision.

In the World University Rankings 2021 list, which includes more than 1,500 universities from 93 countries; Atatürk University ranked 860th in the world in the field of research and 938th in the field of citations, which takes into account the references to scientific publications, and succeeded in being among the top 1000 among the World Universities.

In the list, only 43 universities from Turkey could enter the rank, Atatürk University took the place of 13th among all universities and  9th.  among the state universities in all areas of research. Also, Ataturk University, taking 9th rank among all universities and 4th  among the state universities, by making qualified scientific publications contributed to science in the international science world not only in Turkey.

"We Intensified Our Studies To Become A Research University"

Emphasizing that Atatürk University, which is in a position to compete with world universities with the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, which forms the basis of structural changes in Atatürk University, is among the top 10 state universities and this success is not a surprise. Prof. Ömer Çomaklı stated that they are pleased to receive the feedback of the vision projects that have been put forward since the first day he took office as rector and said that the successful results were quite meaningful to coincide with the period of application to become a Research University and that Atatürk University strengthened his hand.

Stating that the steady rise was achieved with the contributions of all members of Atatürk University, Rector Çomaklı said: “The success we have achieved in the ranking of citations to scientific publications shows that the scientific studies and research carried out at our university are also valued on an international scale. We encourage academicians' research activities, collaborations with the society, and information sharing activities with awards, in addition to the high-quality education and training target of our university for many years. We will continue to make breakthroughs that will contribute to society and the public by continuing these fruitful efforts. On this occasion; I would like to thank all of our academicians who made our university one of the world's universities for their work. As Atatürk University, this success belongs to all of us ”.

How was the Times Higher Education (THE) 2021 Ranking Prepared?

While making THE World Universities rankings, 13 different performance parameters such as teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook of research-based universities were taken as the basis. In the 2021 rankings, more than 86 million citations from 13.6 million research publications and more than 22 thousand survey results were also reviewed.

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