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A Meeting was Held on the "Big Data Project in Higher Education", which is among the New Vision of YÖK

The second meeting on the "Big Data Project in Higher Education", which is among the new vision of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), was hosted by YÖK President Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar in Ankara on December 19. The meeting for the Big Data Project was held with Atatürk University. Rectors of Istanbul Technical, Middle East Technical, Izmir Katip Çelebi, Sabancı, Fırat, Sakarya and Trabzon Universities as well as project-related coordinators attended the meeting.

Emphasizing that since the start of the Big Data Project, the relevant universities have come together to evaluate the activities they have carried out in this field, Prof. Dr.  Erol Özvar said: “In these days when we live in the age of digital transformation, high technology and innovation, the discovery and analysis of very valuable information contained in a large amount of data obtained from many different sources will be used for critical decisions we will take in higher education. Subjects such as measurement and evaluation in education, research methods, career choices of students, distribution capacities of quotas, quality and performance of education will be analyzed by making use of the Big Data Project.

Expressing that they see the Big Data Project as an important component in the digitalization of universities, President Özvar stated that they evaluated the reports of the pilot universities and expressed their great happiness at the fact that very important studies were carried out, and expressed that he was also pleased that Atatürk University handled the issue with an integrated approach.

The Most Important Theme of the Big Meta System is 'Digitalization'

In his speech at the meeting, Rector Çomaklı gave information about the studies carried out by Atatürk University within the scope of the Big Data Project. Stating that the most important theme of the Big Meta System introduced by Atatürk University's New Generation University Design and Transformation Project is digitalization, he stated that big data studies are an important component of digitalization. In this context, Çomaklı said that the first phase of the Data Center, which will have strategic importance in the national and international arena, especially in the region, has been completed, and added that he believes that the center will fill an important gap when it is completed, which will pave the way for efficient use of information as well as protecting it.

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