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The construction of Atatürk University Data Center, which will include many services such as organizing information, periodically backing up, storing, using, license rental, security solutions, server hosting and instant messaging, continues rapidly.

Following the data management office established three years ago within atatürk University in order to provide and process the data required for corporate strategies, managerial processes and operational decisions, to design an online process for collecting and managing data in a single center, to prepare subject and problem-based reports so that data-based decisions can be made, and to provide visibility in international ranking institutions, the construction phase of the another Data Center continues at full speed,

The Data Center, which was started to be built on the university campus with the instruction of rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, is surrounded by high security and technological opportunities against internal and external threats. When its construction is completed, a data center in TIER 4 standard is being built with a white area of 1000 m2 and hosting approximately 10 thousand servers.

“Data Centers Have a Strategic Importance”

Stating that data centers can also be described as the heart of the institutions in which they are located, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said that preserving and using information is of strategic importance as much as producing it, and that the Data Center, which is among the most important outputs of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, has a vital importance in this respect.

Rector Çomaklı stated that many organizations, including government institutions, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, online marketers such as Google and Facebook, need a data center in order to provide fast and secure access to data. They are places where computer and network equipment are gathered in a center for the purpose of collecting, storing and distributing large-scale data, which have routers and servers and are responsible for their functions. These centers are a space that connects data and computer systems. For this reason, data centers are in a critical position not only for the institutions they are located in, but also for users, companies and countries.

“It Will Be One of Our Country's Most Secure Data Centers”

Çomaklı said. "When the Data Center is completed, they will have a facility that centralizes the information technology operations and equipment of our country, especially in our region, in order to store, process and distribute data and applications. Data is of vital importance for the continuity of daily operations of data centers as they house the most critical and private assets of institutions."

“With our data center, high technology services such as server hosting, server rental, high performance computing, private cloud, public cloud, disaster recovery center will be provided to our region by providing high physical and cyber security. Our center, which we believe will be one of the safest data centers in our country when its construction is completed, will add both value and strategic importance to our region.” he added.

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