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With the cooperation of Atatürk University, Eastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (DAP) and Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, training activities for the technical personnel of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, farmers, and district and neighborhood headmen within the scope of the 2022 Training Programs have ended.

In the last stage of the training, the district and neighborhood headmen were informed about "Shelters in Cattle Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Importance of Forage Crops in Cattle Breeding, Animal Diseases, Compost Production and Usage Areas, Agricultural Support and Grants" and the Animal Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was visited.

Other than Agriculture and Livestock Trainings, Trainings were Provided

A total of 320 people, including 120 technical personnel, 160 farmers and 40 mukhtars, were trained in the Agricultural Sciences Training Center by the Plant Production Application and Research Center Directorate, which acts as a bridge in transferring agricultural innovations to the farmers. .

In addition to the digitalization in agriculture and animal husbandry, trainings such as personal development, social security, communication, health etc. were given to the trainees in the theoretical and practical trainings, which were given within one-week, five-week programs.

Certificate and Closing Ceremony Held

Making the closing speech of the training, Center Director Prof. Dr. Adem Aksoy stated that with the help of digitalization, artificial intelligence supported unmanned agricultural machines and sensors, which is called agriculture 4.0, all information flow is provided, so that all information is taken and problems are solved without going to the land and animals. Emphasizing that with the developing smart agricultural practices, a production method that creates sustainability, increase in productivity, decrease in costs and reduces carbon footprint in agriculture, Aksoy said that thanks to these developments, the lives of producers will be easier and the need for labor will decrease.

prof. Dr. Aksoy: “In Erzurum, which has an important agricultural potential, it is of great importance for the farmers to be aware of the innovations at all stages from production to the end user of the product. With the trainings organized under the responsibility of our Central Directorate, both the technical personnel of the district agriculture and forestry directorate, which provides direct service to the region's agriculture, and the farmers, who are their stakeholders, are informed about adapting to the developments in agriculture.

In these trainings hosted by our university, our Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, DAP Regional Development Administration President Prof. Dr. Osman Demirdöğen, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Osman Akar, Yakutiye, Palandöken and Aziziye Agriculture District Managers and I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

prof. Dr. Adem Aksoy, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Osman Akar, and District Directors of Yakutiye, Palandöken and Aziziye Agriculture were presented with certificates of participation to the successful trainees at the ceremonies held at the end of the training, with a quad garden set consisting of hoe, rake, pickaxe and shovel, as well as compost, work overalls and compost. lantern was given.

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