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Atatürk University, which is a candidate for Research University, continues its cooperation negotiations in this context.

In this respect, Bingöl University Rector Prof.  İbrahim Çapak and Atatürk University Rector Prof.  Ömer Çomaklı signed a cooperation protocol in order to evaluate the opportunities for establishing a Corporate Strategic Cooperation relationship, to create joint work areas, and to carry out joint studies on education and research in areas where they can produce added value.

"It is Mandatory to Determine New Strategies"

The said protocol; Emphasizing that both universities encourage direct contact and cooperation between faculty members, departments, research institutes, and students to the extent possible, Rector Çomaklı said that the importance of agriculture and livestock products increased in the process of the Covid-19 pandemic, which will reduce our country's external dependence Expressing that it makes it necessary to determine the strategies, he stated that it is very important to accelerate the studies on this subject.

Stating that the common use of financial, physical, and human resources in higher education institutions, strengthening the weak points by combining them with a working model, sharing experience and transforming knowledge into benefit through joint studies, Rector Çomaklı said: “In this context; With the Covid-19 pandemic process, CHE (Council of Higher Education) prepared the "Joint Application and Research Center" regulation and the process of establishing Joint Application and Research Centers in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry under the coordination of Model Universities started in July 2020. In this direction, we aim to support regional development by signing a cooperation agreement with Bingöl University. As Atatürk University, we continue our scientific and academic studies from where we left off.  I thank Pof. İbrahim Çapak and wish him success in his work”.

"We Benefit From The Experience And Experiences Of Our Stakeholders"

Rector Çapak stated that Bingöl University is a Model University in the field of "Agriculture and Basin Based Development" in the Regional Development Focused Mission Differentiation and Specialization Program, and the motto "We Bring Our Experiences in Agricultural and Animal Production in Bingöl" by benefiting from the experiences and strengths of various universities. He said that they started to establish a “Basin Based Agricultural Application and Research Center”.

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