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A scientific cooperation protocol was signed between Atatürk University Astrophysics Research and Application Center (ATASAM) and İstanbul University Observatory Application and Research Center (GUAM) for joint studies on cosmic particles and space weather.

ATASAM and GUAM centers work on space sciences within Atatürk University and Istanbul University, carry out scientific R&D studies on some special subjects of space sciences (cosmic rays, atmospheric and astronomical observations, solar activities and radio zone tracking, space weather, etc.), and conduct interdisciplinary studies. They signed a scientific cooperation protocol in order to establish a partnership, provide mutual support and service to studies, especially to conduct research on the detection and monitoring of cosmic rays/particles and solar activities and space weather, to ensure mutual information and data sharing and to develop joint scientific projects on similar subjects.

First Measurements and Observations Will Begin

In this context, Installation, operation and installation of the "Space Weather Observation System", consisting of a muon (cosmic particle) detector and a radio antenna, which have been installed within GUAM, at the Eastern Anatolian Observatory (DAG) campus within ATASAM (Erzurum, Konaklı, Karakaya Hill, 3170 m altitude). Carrying out joint scientific studies to be carried out in this context is planned as the first stage, and the system consisting of the muon detector and radio antenna will be brought to the DAG campus and installed in the first week of October, and then the first measurements and observations will begin.

Rector Çomaklı: “We Give Importance and Priority to Joint Projects Sourced from External Stakeholders”

Within the scope of this project, in which academicians from the Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUB) Department of Atatürk University Faculty of Science also took part; Çomaklı emphasized that it is very important for DAG to have a strong and sustainable infrastructure and be ready to provide significant infrastructure support for scientific and R&D comprehensive studies in different subjects of space sciences. He made the following remarks: "Within the scope of our university being a research university, thanks to the importance and priorities given to the work on joint projects originating from external stakeholders, such R&D initiatives of our units and external stakeholder partnerships have gained much meaning. We would like to thank our entire academic and technical team working in our ATASAM and AUB units and the İstanbul University family for their efforts and initiatives regarding such scientific and R&D collaborations."

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