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Atatürk University, which has been supporting the farmers of the region for 63 years in order to make agricultural production by scientific methods, continued this mission and signed another project.

In the Daphan plain, a direct sowing technique dissemination project started in Erzurum province, signed between Atatürk University and the Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP) Regional Development Administration.

Reduce costs tillage and cultivation without tillage or minimum tillage for sustainable agriculture (direct sowing) Regional Development Administration who collaborate with the DAP for the purpose of spreading Atatürk University, Plant Production Research Center launched the project in the province of Erzurum directly by the dissemination of the technique.

According to traditional practices, the “Protective Tillage Sowing Method” performed on the Lands of Gelinkaya village in the Daphan Plain ensures that the soil is more efficient and saves 60 percent in energy consumption.“We Will Always Support The Regional Farmer”Atatürk University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Atilla Keskin, crop production, application and Research Centre Director Prof Dr Adem Aksoy and DAP officials participated at the opening of the project, was to share information with farmers about how the new method was implemented.

Saying that the sowing method performed with the least intervention to the soil instead of traditional dibbling methods is the "Protective Soil Treated Dibbling Method", Prof Dr Keskin stated that the physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil is disrupted in the traditional soil processing, and at the same time it causes high energy costs.Keskin stated that Atatürk University has made an important progress in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry under the leadership of Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı and stated that these studies will continue increasingly and that the farmers of the region will always be supported.

70% Fuel Savings will be achieved with the project 

”Providing information about the project he is managing and talking about its benefits, Prof. Dr. Aksoy, on the other hand, said that the idea of increasing the yield of the product with tillage or obtaining the equivalent product with less cost puts protective soil cultivation issues into the foreground. Aksoy: “In the direct sowing method proposed in the project, since the process of equilibration is limited to sowing only, it will save 70% fuel and reduce the time and labor requirement by 50–60%. Within the scope of the project, we aim to introduce and adopt direct planting technology in Daphan, Erzurum and Pasinler Plains, which are important plains in Erzurum. "With the widespread use of direct cultivation method, both the benefits of protective soil cultivation and input efficiency in crop production can be achieved."

Direct Sowing Training to 150 Farmers with 5 Training Programs

The Director of the Plant Production Application and Research Center, Prof. Dr. Adem Aksoy: “With the direct sowing method, we aim to realize and demonstrate the production of a total of 200 decares of cereal, fodder crops, maize for silage and sunflower in the fields of Atatürk University.

We will provide direct planting training with 5 training programs to a total of 150 farmers from all districts of Erzurum. Within the scope of the project, crop production will be done by direct sowing method on a total of 800 decares of land, including the farmer's land and Atatürk University land. The products to be grown will be cereals and feed crops, which will be determined according to the project objectives and existing land conditions. I wish the project to be beneficial for our city and country ”.


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