Atatürk University


The rector of Ataturk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı and his team were the guests of The Eastern Anatolia Journalists Association (DAGC).

The Rector Çomaklı who continues his exchanging ideas with the external stakeholders without slowing down came together with the president of Eastern Anatolia Journalists Association(DAGC) Feridun Fazıl Özsoy , the board and the members of the association. Rector Çomaklı, who made evaluations regarding the city and the agenda in the breakfast program that includes the vice-rector, the advisor to the rector and the unit and office coordinators, shared information about the studies conducted in the university and the projects planned for the future.

“We Are Working on the Projects that will Add Value to  Erzurum”

Beginning his words by saying “We have a very valuable staff to Turkey and worldwide. We have all kinds of scientific and academic background. We have begun to receive the feedback of the studies that we carried out with the awareness of these opportunities.” the rector Çomaklı shared information with the members of  DAGC about the studies they made since the date he took the office. Stating that the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project is a model, Mr Çomaklı said that in the days when this vision was expressed, little was spoken even in the world, but now everyone believed in this project. He emphasized that he believed this vision which included projects that would add value to the city as well as the road map drawn for the university would lead to total development.

Noting that the press had responsibilities at the point of informing the public, in the visit where  exchange of ideas took place rector Ömer Çomaklı said that media organizations played an important role in the social integration of the society and the transfer of the activities carried out at the university quickly and accurately. The Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said : “ We should work together for the future generations. At this point, we always support the collaborations to be made. As the university and the faculty of communication, our doors are always open for all the press members. We will work together for our country and nation. I want everyone to know that we will do everything necessary for our university to contribute Erzurum in maximum level. We are burning the midnight oil. With putting the projects we have planned into practice, we will accelerate as the university and the city. On this occasion, I would like to thank the president of the Eastern Anatolian Journalists' Association (DAGC) Feridun Fazıl Özsoy and members of the board of directors and the community and for the all press members, I wish ease in their works.

“We will Continue to  Work in Cooperation with Atatürk University”

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, DAGC President Feridun Fazıl Özsoy stated that Rector Çomaklı frequently met with members of the press, and that these meetings also strengthened the communication bridge established between them. Noting that the relations with Atatürk University were always at the highest level as the Eastern Anatolian Journalists Association, President Özsoy reminded that they had organized joint projects and programs with the university and stated that they would work in cooperation in the future. Emphasizing that the works and projects of Atatürk University should be supported and that this is of great importance for Erzurum, Özsoy completed his words by thanking Rector Çomaklı and his team for their close interest.