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An online meeting titled “Problems Faced by Disabled Persons” was held on the occasion of the Disabled Week on 10-16 May. The meeting was moderated by AK Party Erzurum Deputy Selami Altınok.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Erzurum Deputy Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu Ban, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Emin Öz, Erzurum Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent Çakmak, district mayors, provincial health directors, provincial and district directors of family and social services, business institution, social security, youth and sports, national education provincial and district directors, heads of non-governmental organizations with disabilities and social assistance and solidarity foundation chairmen attended the meeting.

At the meeting, which mentioned the projects that can be done for disabled individuals to lead a life without disabilities, the managers of the institution stated that the necessary steps were taken and ideas were exchanged in order to improve the conditions in the upcoming period.

In his opening speech, Deputy Selami Altınok, who was the moderator of the meeting, said that many arrangements were made for disabled people to be in social life, but they were still aware of the problems and worked with their interlocutors. Stating that the problems conveyed by disabled citizens are quite high, Altınok stated that all institutions and local administrations have a responsibility.

"Disabled Students Predominantly (89%) Attend Open Education Programs in Turkey"

Speaking at the meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı stated that there are a total of 6956 disabled students at Atatürk University, most of whom are in Open Education programs, and that 151 students are enrolled in formal education.

Stating that although a significant progress has been made in higher education in terms of inclusive design and access to physical spaces, Rector Çomaklı stated that studies on accessibility in education have not yet reached the desired level, especially in the access of visually impaired and hearing impaired students in distance education systems, which have become mandatory with the Covid-19 epidemic. He said it caused serious problems.

"Atatürk University Received 2021 Venue Accessibility Award"

Prof. Dr. Çomaklı: “As Atatürk University, we take this issue seriously. We follow the needs of our students one to one, we provide resources, support for lessons and exams, and additional time when requested, as well as the accessibility of online education platforms. As Atatürk University Disabled Student Unit; we work intensively in 5 sub-areas: Accessibility in Space, Accessibility in Education, Accessibility in Information systems, Accessibility in Social Life and R&D in the field of Disability. "

“The studies carried out by YÖK for the disabled are gathered under two headings as“ legislative regulations ”and“ awards ”. The Barrier-Free University Awards were given under four headings: Accessibility in Space (Orange Flag), Accessibility in Education (Green Flag), Accessibility in Socio-Cultural Activities (Blue Flag) and Barrier-Free Program Medal. Our university received the 2021 Venue Accessibility Award (Orange flag) and we continue to work without interruption.

Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş stated that all doors are open to disabled citizens and that citizens will not return from the state's door. Emphasizing that our country is far ahead as a social state, governor Memiş said that our disabled citizens can always knock on their doors and find solutions to their problems.

Stating that the services for disabled citizens will continue without slowing down, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that they made the necessary arrangements for disabled citizens to have a more comfortable life without disabilities and that the works are continuing.

The meeting ended with wishes and desires.

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