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Scientific Incentive Ceremonies continue to be organized in accordance with the guiding principle of "Recognizing success and honoring effort" at Atatürk University, which honors scholars whose scientific endeavours elevate the university's reputation.

Those who received awards in recognition of their research-based endeavors were formally sworn in at the Cultural Center National Will Hall on July 15th.
In the context of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı presented the awards to faculty members who submitted applications in September for their research endeavors. The gift was presented by Rector Çomaklı.

Rector Çomaklı declared that the accomplishments attained at Atatürk University are consistently commended and motivated. He further stated that all staff members who demonstrate exceptional performance and make valuable contributions to the nation's progress will perpetually receive support.

"The sight of varied faces at scientific incentive ceremonies brings a smile to our face."

"We are delighted to welcome distinguished academics to the Scientific Incentive Ceremonies, which we have been conducting on a monthly basis since our inception and will maintain indefinitely moving forward. The fact that we see new faces each month at this location demonstrates the value of our efforts and Scientific Encouragement Ceremonies. By expediting the processes necessary to establish an autonomous university, we fulfill our internal requirements while also making a positive contribution to the progress of the nation.I express my gratitude to all the academics who provided support to our university throughout this endeavor. Additionally, I extend my congratulations to the faculty members who were honored for their contributions to publications, patents, projects, and enterprises.

Directorate of Corporate Communications – November 1, 2023

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