Atatürk University


YOUNG MUSIAD Erzurum Branch administration visited Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Atatürk University, in his office.

YOUNG MUSIAD Erzurum Branch President Yasin Acar, gave information about the activities of the association to Rector Çomaklı. Mr. Acar said that the Association is a working platform formed by young people who are respectful to the cultural values of the society and trade ethics, having the entrepreneurial spirit required by the era, aiming to develop without sacrificing their principles and committed to being a businessman or senior manager with their professional knowledge and contemporary equipment. Mr. Acar stated that their aim was to improve the equipment and quality of Turkish youth by taking into account the universal developments in the light of national and spiritual values.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Rector Çomaklı said that they closely followed the activities of this platform, which was created by virtuous, capable, determined and excited young entrepreneurs, and that this platform had undertaken important works in Turkey and abroad. Rector Çomaklı said: “Young MUSIAD is a community that set out with the idea of realizing unity of power and hearts as well as cooperation. STKs such as YOUNG MUSIAD have important duties to educate and guide the young people of today. At this point we are with you. As Ataturk University, you can be sure that we will do our best to provide the necessary support to the projects prepared for the future of the youth.”


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