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Atatürk University, which organizes a number of symposiums, panels, interviews and workshops so that students can have knowledge and equipment in the fields they study, continues its activities.

In this context, the 'Justice Consciousness' interview, organized by the Faculty of Law and where the 10th Head of the Council of State and Former President of the Justice Academy of Turkey, Yılmaz Akçil attened as a speaker.

The interview held at the Faculty of Law Conference Hall was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özer, Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özcan and many academicians and students.

Yılmaz Akçil, who came together with the students of the Faculty of Law within the scope of the event, first talked to the students about the working areas of the Council of State. Akçil, who conveyed the experiences he gained throughout his professional life to the students, talked about the ways to be followed to the students who want to be judges and prosecutors and explained the finer points of the profession.

“What is Unjust in the Inner World Cannot Be Just in the Outer World”

President Akçil said: “First of all, the main thing is to protect the independence, freedom, language, religion, culture and lifestyle of our country, to adopt this as a lifestyle and to pass it on to the younger generation. You need to know these values so that your children will know the value of this state and nation. Our ancestors have struggled with this throughout history. Our ancestors gave their lives at the age of 14-15 in Çanakkale without any expectation. If you ask why, only for the next generation to lead their lives in peace, be happy and live independently.”

“As good lawyers, you must first believe in the awareness of justice and be just yourself. Allah commands to be just in the Quran. Justice first begins in the inner world. What is unjust in the inner world cannot be just in the outer world. You will not harbor enmity, grudge, and you will love people. If you beautify your inner world, it will already be reflected on the outside. Say hello to the people you work with and ask how they are. This will make you love and count and leave good traces behind you when you go.”

Answering the questions from the students at the end of the conversation, Akçil then took a souvenir photo with the students.

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