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The results of the 2020 Higher Education Institutions Exam (2020-YKS) placement have been announced by the Directorate of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Accordingly, Atatürk University succeeded in being among the universities most preferred by students this year, as it has been every year, with a 98.50% undergraduate placement rate.

Following the announcement of the results of the Higher Education Institutions Examination, Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı issued a congratulatory message for students who succeeded in entering university programs.

Rector Çomaklı stated in his message: "This is the most important step in your academic life, and welcome to Turkey's well established, reputable, capital university, which consists of knowledge, experience and innovative education understanding.

You will not only be the owner of a prestigious diploma, but also benefit from the knowledge of academics who do their job with love and devotion, as well as become a member of a family with thousands of members. Atatürk University will continue to be your warm home, a light that will guide you in every step you take in the future as well as your future. "

All Facilities of Campus Life are at the Service of Students

Expressing that young people, who are the assurance of the future, have justified pride of the sacrifice they have made and the success they have achieved as a result of the YKS, which is prepared with great effort and devotion, Çomaklı stated that in addition to qualified educational activities, well-equipped academic staff, classrooms with technological facilities, laboratories and modern sports facilities,  they put all their opportunities into the service of students.

Atatürk University, which is among the most preferred universities; 98.50% in undergraduate education, 95.33% in associate degree education, 97.19% in total, and this rate will reach the level of 100% with additional placements. Prof. Dr Ömer Çomaklı finally said: “I firmly believe that you, who joined the Atatürk University family, will graduate as individuals who are loyal to their homeland, nation and national values, like our previous graduates. I would like to thank our families and teachers who have experienced this excitement with you and prepare their children for tomorrow with great sacrifice, congratulate our students who have settled in our university on this occasion and wish them success throughout their education lives.


Atatürk University in Numbers According to the 2020-YKS Results   


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