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Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and Erzurum Deputy Prof. Dr. Kamil Aydın visited Atatürk University and met with Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı.

Receiving information from Rector Çomaklı about the latest developments at Atatürk University, Prof. Dr. Aydın exchanged ideas with Çomaklı for a while.

Pointing out that Atatürk University, of which he was a member, is a distinguished institution that has completed its formation and has been serving its country for many years. Aydın said that with its New Generation Vision, the university provided an important added value to the country's higher education.

“Our Support to Atatürk University Will Always Continue”

“In order for our country to reach its goal of becoming one of the major economies, we must quickly reach a position that exports high value-added products by producing technology. For this, we should focus on studies that produce knowledge and transform it into commercial value by using it in a qualified way, use the research and development system more effectively, and further develop the university-business community. At this point, our support to Atatürk University, which has made important studies, will always continue.” Aydın said.

“Universities are the Locomotive of the Community”

Rector Çomakl noted that they are in cooperation and solidarity with all relevant people, institutions and organizations, especially the city's deputies, in order to accelerate the development process of the university, adding "We are making many visits to strengthen the bilateral relations of Atatürk University and to develop new projects. Universities that produce knowledge and develop projects that will benefit the added value of the country are the locomotive of the society they are in. Acting with this awareness, our institution carries out the necessary studies to return the knowledge produced in education and research as a benefit to the society. In order to develop and increase the welfare level of the society, it is necessary to develop in many areas such as economy, science and art."

The visit ended with goodwill wishes.

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