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Awarding the academics who have made a name for the university in the national and international scientific community with the scientific studies they have prepared, Atatürk University continues the Academic Encouragement Ceremonies it organizes in line with the principle of "Respecting effort and appreciating success: Efforts are respected and successes are recognized".

The awards were given by Ömer Çomaklı to the faculty members who applied for January and February within the scope of their research activities in 2023.

Rector Çomaklı, who came together with the academicians at the ceremony held at the National Will Hall on July 15, congratulated the academics for their publications, patents, projects and companies and their outstanding research-based studies and achievements.

Rector Çomaklı stated that they decided to postpone the Academic Incentive Ceremony, which is held every month due to the earthquake disaster in our country, to hold January-February together, saying that all personnel who work, produce and contribute to the development of the country are supported in every way.

“We Are Happy To Reward The Achievements Of Our Academicians”

Rector Çomaklı, who started his speech by wishing mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster and a speedy recovery to the injured earthquake victims, stated that they are mobilized as a whole university to heal the wounds of this devastating disaster and emphasized that they will continue to provide all necessary support in the next process.

Rector Çomaklı, who stated that the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, which is a route drawn to design the future of Atatürk University with a common mind, to create a vision of transformation, to determine the strategies and the necessary action plans for this, continues, and said that he would like to reward the qualified work and achievements of all Atatürk University scientists. expressed their happiness.

Rector Çomaklı stated that the awards received by academicians from the university in national and international platforms add to the power of Atatürk University, and mentioned that the awards received as a result of articles, publications, patents, projects and companies published in reputable publications are actually awards received at the end of an academic accumulation.

“I fully believe that our members are willing to serve with self-sacrifice in line with common goals and objectives in order to move our institution forward. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our members who carried out these important works that provided a significant transformation for our university, and wish them success in their studies.” Çomaklı added.

The Academic Incentive Ceremony ended with a souvenir photo taken.

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