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Within the scope of the “University Integrating with the City” event organized by the Atatürk University Dean of Students, a faculty promotion program was held for students studying in various high schools.

The event held at the Cultural Center July 15 National Will Hall was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Atilla Keskin, Dean of Students Prof. Dr. Yaşar Totik, management, representatives of relevant faculties, academics, teachers and many students attended.

Taking the podium to make the opening speech, Dean Prof. Dr. Yaşar Totik, within the scope of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, in order to contribute to the identification and solution of the basic problems that students will encounter such as accommodation, food, transportation and health, to support the cultural, artistic and sports activities to be carried out, and to facilitate their adaptation to campus life.

“Atatürk University Continues to Write Success Stories”

Stating that Atatürk University has completed an important part of successful studies regarding quality and accreditation targets, its visibility in the national and international arena is increasing day by day and the quality education it provides is registered. Prof. Dr. Yaşar Totik stated that the university has mobilized all its opportunities to provide students with an attractive campus life in addition to education and science. Emphasizing that this 65-year-old education center, which can produce scientific solutions to social problems in addition to education, is sensitive to the demands of the people, directs them and is at the forefront of universal science, continues to write new success stories, Dean Totik said: In line with the information he will receive from you at the next stage, he is of the opinion that they will prefer our university at higher levels, and I expect the support of our esteemed teachers and students in this regard, and I thank you in advance for your participation and support in our meeting.

“We Are Among the Leading Research Universities of Our Country”

Pointing out that Atatürk University, which has an education tradition dating back to a thousand years, is among the few research universities in our country today, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Atilla Keskin, on the other hand, made the following statements in his speech: “Our university leads the development of our region and our country, especially in Erzurum, in every field. Atatürk University, which is an ancient education center with its 65-year history, scientific studies, research and contributions to the country's higher education, has gained a new dimension with the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, which has gained a new dimension with the mission of Research University, and in this direction, our scientific and academic studies continue increasingly. I would like to express to you that Atatürk University, which is the science center of our country with its 65 years of cultural and scientific tradition at the peak of Anatolia, its technological infrastructure, its faculties, research centers, institutes, vocational schools and thousands of academicians who are experts in their fields, is the center of the country with its quality education, qualified academic human resources and well-equipped application units. Stating that he continues to serve in higher education, he states that we will be pleased to see you, our esteemed students, among us, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation.”

After the speeches, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ferhat Bingöl, on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Muhammet Hamidullah Uyanık, Prof. from the Faculty of Science. Prof. Dr. Ali Gürol, on behalf of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Sera Derelioğlu for the presentation of the Faculty of Education, Assoc. Dr.Selçuk Ilgaz On behalf of and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dr.  Duygu Fındık Çoşkuncay made presentations for students to have information about the faculties.

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